T.R.I.A.D Agency Completes Successful Year of Operation

Teonusude, Molden Heath - New Eden's first capsuleer funded agency has recently completed a successful year.

According to Det Resprox, T.R.I.A.D's CEO, the corporation has offered 1427 missions in the past twelve months, 124 of those in just the last 30 days. In addition, the number of capsuleers using TRIAD's agents has jumped by a little over 100.

The corporation has recently joined the Minmatar militia and expanded its mission portfolio accordingly. Det Resprox explains that T.R.I.A.D's combat agent is now able to offer assignments such as "kill Amarrian pilots, shoot down pirates in Minmatar space or to assassinate someone who deserves it."Det Resprox Takes Off From TRIAD'S HQ

Unfortunately, T.R.I.A.D's agents are not officially licensed and any capsuleer completing combat missions from them risks being criminally flagged by CONCORD. While Det Resprox is confident that the rewards are well worth the risk, not every capsuleer feels the same.

Karn Mithralia, a pilot that used to fly missions for T.R.I.A.D, is convinced that profitability depends on the capsuleer's personal wealth and experience: "if you were a relatively new pod pilot, they [would be] worth it... I found them not so profitable."

Kenny Camerman, another capsuleer using T.R.I.A.D's agents, offers his opinion: "I have taken missions to kill pirates and free slaves... i had to go to amarr space and shoot [amarrian] haulers at the station, it felt quite thrilling."

Although not every capsuleers will be eligible, those interested in this opportunity should contact T.R.I.A.D directly at their home system at Teonusude III - Moon 6 - Trust Partners Trading Post.

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T.R.I.A.D Corporation Agents Ready to Offer Missions

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