Azia Burgi To Resume Cemetery Services

Molea, Khanid Kingdom - Azia Burgi has confirmed that she intends to resume burial services in the next few weeks.

Azia, who is currently looking for benefactors willing to finance the cemetery's expenses, explained that the endeavor will cost about 1.3 Billion ISK to purchase the cemetery's starbase while refueling costs are estimated at about 300 Million ISK per Month.Azia Burgi - Molea's Cemetery Caretaker

"I [still] have a very long way to go. I only have enough personal funds to fuel it for a month or two at the most," she said.

To prevent making the burial caskets an easy target, they will be protected by stronger encryption and the cemetery will sport a defensive screen: "I think it's probably a certainty that it will get attacked... once the standings are up, I'll deploy the defences," said Azia.

The burial space will resume activities after a year-long halt, having been destroyed on 28 September 110 by the 'JihadSwarm' faction of GoonSwarm, who contested the morality of burial in space caskets.

Corpses can be donated either to Azia Burgi or to the corporation 'EVE Cemetery'. Each casket will contain one or more corpses of the same pod pilot, as well as a customized epitaph.

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