Eight Motherships Deployed in Tama as Tribute to a Fallen Comrade

TAMA - The Citadel - In the early hours of 1st August eight mothership class vessels representing the four main races of New Eden entered the Tama system with the intention of destroying as many Caldari Militia forces as possible.

These eight motherships had been commissioned by Channel 4 News Team [CHN 4] to aid the Gallente Militia in their struggle with the Caldari. The idea was "...to bring a force unseen thus far in [militia] warfare to the field it was a crazy idea that we thought would never happen, but..., we decided to make it happen" said ChineseChef CEO of [CHN 4].

The pilots of the motherships knew they were going into a situation they were not expected to survive, and accepted this as part of the plan. They felt it was a fitting tribute in honor of a fallen comrade who passed on last October. He had always believed that putting such a fleet into operation for the militia was possible.

Jezmene , a carrier pilot for [CHN 4], who went in to support the motherships said, "Soon as I warped into that mess I went right into triage mode to help the motherships, that is why two of them got out. But over all it was epic fun, and I did what I was to do, I went in too suicide heal."

Lord Mummbi , a director in Invicta. Who are members of the Advocated Destruction [ADHD] alliance, told us how they became involved in the battle "...Beyond Divinity found the motherships camping the gate , they contacted us and I contacted cry havoc, we formed up the gang to take them...[the battle] was 13 minutes [long] roughly." When asked if Beyond Divinity were in the area for any particular reason Lord Mummbi admitted that "Beyond Divinity live 2 jumps from Tama , they scout Tama almost every minute of every hour of every day [looking for] any potential victims...well we are [a] pirate alliance."

The battle involved many pilots from many alliances and corporations including: Cry Havoc. Laconian Syndicate, Advocated Destruction, External Rapture, Minmatar Republic, Pandemic Legion, Beyond Divinity Inc, Firefly Inc., The Scope, Wrath of Fenris, Shadows Of The Federation, Dark-Rising, Royal Amarr Institute, Dark Prophecy Inc., Caldari Navy, Overview Glitch and of course Channel 4 News Team, but the losses were low for the pirates with eyewitnesses stating a loss of only three or four heavy interdictors to the loss of the six motherships.

Ironically of the eight motherships to enter the system with the thought of destroying the Caldari Militia, the two that managed to escape were both of Caldari design.

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