Stranded Pilot Rescued From Wormhole

Orien, Molden Heath - HONDAMAN, the Tengu pilot stranded in an unknown wormhole has just been rescued and brought back to civilization.anhenka - hondaman's saviour

The capsuleer was rescued by Anhenka, a pilot flying under Rising Phoenix Alliance's flag.

Anhenka, who is not a professional rescuer, was flying a probe frigate when he scanned down a spatial anomaly: "I found the [wormhole] entrance to J24949 earlier today at around 16:00, in the system of Unertek. I noticed the system designation and contacted HONDAMAN's CEO" he explained.

"It took only minutes to return me safely back to the system Orien in Molden Heath," recalls HONDAMAN, adding that the one billion ISK reward has already been paid to Anhenka.

HONDAMAN is currently docked at Orien's Trust Partners Warehouse Station, reportedly enjoying quafes and exotic dancers after his ordeal.

"A big thanks to the pilot who rescued me... and to everybody else who started scanning and sadly didn't find me in time. I want to thank my corp CEO Larentius Bora, and all my corporation," HONDAMAN said.

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