Ushra'Khan addresses Capsuleers in Providence and Catch

IS-R7P, Catch - Ushra'Khan alliance transmitted a simulcast message to residents of Providence, Catch and the system of Amarr.

The broadcast, transmitted on 02.08.111, originated in IS-R7P and was relayed through local channels in an estimated 70 systems, including several key locations in Sylph and Curatores Veritatis Alliance sovereign space.

Promethia Station While the simulcast confirmed the well-known anti-slaver position of the Ushra'Khan, it also served the double duty of applying psychological pressure to Sylph Alliance in a bid to lower their morale.

According to Ugleb, during the last month Ushra'Khan has targeted Sylph's supply lines and most notably the Kari pipe. "They are currently suffering major internal strife and are losing [corporations]... since we began this focused campaign," he explained.

Yvain Dragonheart of Sylph acknowledged that Ushra'Khan was trying to exploit the recent changes in his alliance. "With the loss of our fearless ex-leader Drakmor and of many old [corporations] we are not very strong... We fall under the 'easy targets' sign," he said, promptly adding that he also believes Ushra'Khan poses no threat to Sylph: "They are like bees; hard to catch and annoying, but not deadly."

Valotaan, a capsuleer flying under Sylph's insignia, gave his view of Ushra'Khan's combact tactics: "Usually we see them (or don't see them) in cloaked ships attacking people who are not prepared for a fight... [or] shooting our station services with stealth bombers."

The situation in the field might soon heat up. According to Sapphrine, Ushra'Khan's diplomat, the alliance will soon issue a refocus order that will "aim to deny Sylph the use of their space."

Ushra'Khan's claims were promptly dismissed by Sylph's representative, Vito Russo. "For the people of [Ushra'Khan], you will never take Sylph, as we are brave pilots who will fight to the end and never give up. We shall stick by our allies and our allies will stick by us until [Ushra'Khan] is NO More!"

The Interstellar Correspondents will continue to monitor this conflict - further reports will follow as more news becomes available.

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