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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Republic Fleet announces live fire operations within Minmatar borders

  • YC115-02-28

    Pator - The Republic Fleet today announced that it has begun taking part in a number of operations within Minmatar borders in an effort to shore up security throughout its space. As a result, the Fleet will begin deploying ground troops in select areas it has deemed "areas of high concern" and has warned citizens that interference in the operations will be considered acts of terrorism. Heder Elislar, a spokesperson for the Republic Fleet, explained, "One of the first acts of the Tribal Council was to [...]

    Reports of unrest among Kaalakiota factory workers

    • YC115-02-27

      _Nonni - _Low-level factory workers for Kaalakiota Corporation have begun organizing demonstrations against a variety of issues. Originally starting as a number of different groups of unhappy workers with different concerns, the demonstrators came together to "better voice our concerns to the CEP and our Executor." According to Emo Paro, a spokesperson for the demonstrators, the workers have two primary objections. "First, the actions of the CPD are reflecting poorly on Kaalakiota, which has driven [...]

      Tibus Heth denounces Blaque's rally speech

      • YC115-02-25

        New Caldari -Caldari State Executor Tibus Heth angrily denounced the speech given by Mentas Blaque last Thursday, calling it "racist, hateful, and revisionist rhetoric designed only to denigrate the Caldari people." Blaque 's speech, which has been rebroadcast countless times across the Federation since the rally, declared the war between the Federation and State to be one of "self-defense due to a fundamental breach of our sovereignty" and initiated by "racist [sic] prejudice brought against us by [...]

        Black Eagles rally in Villore draws huge crowds as celebrities endorse civil service

        • YC115-02-23

          _Villore - _The Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security is calling their rally a "massive success" after thousands of civilians and hundreds of capsuleers showed up to attend. The rally, which was held on board the Senate Bureau station in Villore, was hosted by Black Eagles administrator Thoun Gaterau and featured speeches from various celebrities and Director Mentas Blaque himself. The rally began at just past noon, with recruiters handing out flyers, offering [...]

          Black Eagles to hold political rally in Villore on 21st at 20:00

          • YC115-02-20

            Villore - The Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, better known as the Black Eagles, have announced they will be holding a "Rally for the Federation" in the Villore system on the 21st of this month. The rally is to run all day, with public speeches which will touch on matters of "loyalty and the Gallente way" beginning at 20:00 EST. According to SDII director Mentas Blaque, the rally is intended "to remind the citizens of the Gallente Federation that we are here to [...]

            Wave of enthusiasm sweeps Minmatar space

            • YC115-02-20

              _Pator - _Following the historic commencement of the Tribal Council, enthusiasm and excitement is at an all time high inside the Republic. Opinion polls have found that people are more optimistic about the future of the Republic than at any other time in its history, including the previous high shortly after the naming of Maleatu Shakor as Sanmatar in YC110. "We are marching toward a unified future," said Tobias Efrit, a former parliamentarian for the Krusual Tribe who has been placed in charge of [...]

              Caldari Navy stands down, remains secretive

              • YC115-02-19

                New Caldari - After over three weeks of heightened activity and military action, the Caldari Navy officially stood down today. The Navy had, along with the Caldari Provincial Directorate and the State Protectorate, been participating in orbital bombardments and ground combat against Caldari-held worlds across the cluster, drawing anger and confusion from disparate segments of the interstellar spectrum. The exact reasons for the action remains under scrutiny, with Caldari officials refusing to answer [...]

                Mercenary raid on Starkmanir colony of Vard VII repelled by independent mercs hired by Sebiestor Field Sappers

                • YC115-02-16

                  Vard - Bands of mercenaries contracted by the Bragian Order assaulted a Starkmanir colony on Vard VII and were repelled by mercenaries working on behalf of the Sebiestor Field Sappers between the hours of 04:00 and 08:00 EST, roughly four hours after the Minmatar Tribal delegates arrived in Pator to begin their historic Tribal Council. Many of the residents were already in bed when the attack first began, as the Bragian Order began assaulting the village in the middle of the night. Soon after, [...]

                  Tribal Council delegates arrive in Pator amidst fanfare, fireworks, and hostilities

                  • YC115-02-15

                    _Pator - _The delegates of the seven Minmatar Tribes were welcomed to Pator by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor at 23:00 EST on Wednesday night, as supporters came out in droves to celebrate the first Tribal Council in over a thousand years. The delegates all arrived safely, albeit not without attempts made on their lives by a number of foes. Each delegate, flying Tempests Tribal Issue, departed from a system with historical importance to their tribe around 22:45 and made their way toward Pator. The delegates [...]

                    Minmatar Tribal Council to begin February 14th, Tribal reps to make historic convoy to Matar on 13th

                    • YC115-02-12

                      Pator - On the heels of the historic announcement of the Nefantar and Starkmanir tribal chiefs, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has subsequently revealed that the Tribal Council will begin meeting on Thursday, February 14th at the Great Caravanserai on Matar. Prior to the meeting, representatives from all seven tribes will make a ceremonial pilgrimage from tribal lands to Pator. The Tribal Council is being hailed as the beginning of the rebirth of the Republic's government, which has been in limbo for four [...]

                      Sanmatar Shakor affirms Starkmanir, Nefantar Tribal Chiefs

                      • YC115-02-12

                        Pator - In a historic joint announcement held at the Great Caravanserai on Matar, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor presented and affirmed the Tribal Chiefs of the Starkmanir and Nefantar Tribes, bringing an end to a long, politically-complicated search that first began just over four years ago with the Elder Invasion of the Ammatar Mandate and Amarr Empire. The two chiefs - Eleca Valkanir and Jeoran Setul - were greeted with cheers from the Nefantar and Starkmanir crowds there, many of whom had arrived over [...]

                        Mordu's Legion and Angel Cartel join Guristas in offering to aid Caldari targets

                        • YC115-02-12

                          As the Caldari Navy and affiliated forces continue their operations within State space, several well-known pirate and mercenary organizations throughout New Eden have descended in the aftermath of battles seemingly to offer aid and succor to those involved. The Guristas notably raided a ground battle between the Caldari Providence Directorate and forces belonging to Intara Direct Action last week, making off with a number of combatants of indeterminate disposition. Afterward, Guristas representative [...]

                          Mordu's Legion intervenes in Caldari ground combat, escapes unscathed

                          • YC115-02-08

                            Autama - A fleet of approximately 10 Mordu's Legion Rokhs, along with a contingent of roughly 20 capsuleers, landed dropships on Autama IV in the middle of a warzone and extracted a large number of ground combatants apparently belonging to the Osmon Surveillance mercenary corporation. The Osmon mercenaries had apparently been defending against Caldari Navy and Provist assaults, aided by Mordu's Legion. According to reports, both sides were supplemented by hundreds independent mercenary forces in [...]

                            Caldari Business Tribunal Uproar As Slander Case Is Dismissed

                            • YC115-02-06

                              THE FORGE - The Caldari Business Tribunal was left in disarray this morning after a landmark case was thrown out mid-session under order of the Caldari Provincial Directorate. Proceedings between the Intara family and the Kaalakiota Corporation were dismissed without trial during their first session after Intara Direct Action filed a legal case for corporate slander and harassment with the CBT late last week. Publicly released details surrounding the case indicate that the Intara family was faced with [...]

                              Anti-Provist Rally Sparks Civil Unrest On Malkalen V

                              • YC115-02-05

                                LONETREK - Civil unrest was reported early this morning on Malkalen V after an anti-Provist rally organized by Ishukone-loyal capsuleers was dispersed with use of lethal force by the Caldari Provincial Directorate. At approximately 04:15 EVE standard time this morning, CPD forces launched an air and ground assault on the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive-hosted rally, leaving 27 citizens injured, nine critically, and four dead. Witnesses have since come forward to give accounts of Provist forces [...]