Mordu's Legion and Angel Cartel join Guristas in offering to aid Caldari targets

New Eden News | YC115-02-12

As the Caldari Navy and affiliated forces continue their operations within State space, several well-known pirate and mercenary organizations throughout New Eden have descended in the aftermath of battles seemingly to offer aid and succor to those involved.

The Guristas notably raided a ground battle between the Caldari Providence Directorate and forces belonging to Intara Direct Action last week, making off with a number of combatants of indeterminate disposition. Afterward, Guristas representative Ohminen Sin claimed "those who we were able to pull out are being cared for and are receiving the correct medical support and assistance."

She later went on to say, in a separate statement, that the Guristas would "be able to find some position for anyone with unique talents who might have cause to hate the State. And those who were the target of a State-wide military assault seem to fit that description."

While the claims of the Guristas were denied later by the Caldari Navy, more reputable organizations have also been spotted, though none have apparently yet inserted themselves into the middle of combat. Most notably, Mordu's Legion, the renowned mercenary corporation, released a statement offering aid and shelter to any of the affected who wished it.

"The founders of the Legion know what it means to be rejected and turned away by those you thought shared loyalty to you," said Legion spokesperson Tsuni Aina. "They were war heroes, but were forced to abandon their homes. Mordu was there for those cast aside then and is here to welcome them in with open arms now. We will assist any who ask."

More surprisingly, the Angel Cartel, which traditionally operates far from State space, has expressed their support for the targets of the Caldari offensive. "The Cartel and victims of Caldari oppression can be of mutual benefit," said Angel Cartel representative Kalela Ohturold. While no confirmed instances of Cartel incursions have been made, rumors abound of scout ships appearing around Caldari systems.

As of yet, the Caldari Navy has yet to make any public statements, except to denounce the accusations of the Guristas that their assaults were targeting civilians. The Navy continues to proclaim the need for "operational security" in denying requests for further information.