Mordu's Legion intervenes in Caldari ground combat, escapes unscathed

New Eden News | YC115-02-08

Autama - A fleet of approximately 10 Mordu's Legion Rokhs, along with a contingent of roughly 20 capsuleers, landed dropships on Autama IV in the middle of a warzone and extracted a large number of ground combatants apparently belonging to the Osmon Surveillance mercenary corporation. The Osmon mercenaries had apparently been defending against Caldari Navy and Provist assaults, aided by Mordu's Legion. According to reports, both sides were supplemented by hundreds independent mercenary forces in rolling battles which took place over several days.

Reports indicate that fighting on the planet began several days ago and increased in intensity as more and more mercenary forces were called in by both sides in an attempt to end the stalemate. The battles reached a high pitch around 12:00 EST, and continued until 18:00 EST, as both sides made a desperate final push to secure the battlefield. Rumors indicate that some of the mercenaries fighting on behalf of the Caldari Provincial Directorate purposefully allowed themselves to lose key objectives in apparent sabotage in solidarity with Osmon Surveillance. By 18:00 EST, the Caldari forces had been pushed into a retreat and were unable to halt Mordu's Legion from securing the area.

Two hours later, with the ground secure and the majority of the surviving Osmon Surveillance soldiers gathered at a landing site, Mordu's Legion entered Autama uncontested, thanks to their good legal standing with the Caldari State. They then approached Autama IV and deployed dropships while protected by a fleet of capsuleers. Within a span of roughly 15 minutes, the dropships had gathered the Mordu's Legion and Osmon Surveillance personnel and returned to the Rhea-class freighter in orbit. They then departed, traveling unmolested to Sujarento, where the fleet docked in a Republic Security Services station.

Reports indicate a few known Caldari-loyalist capsuleers in the area who observed the action, though apparently either in too few numbers or simply unwilling to stop Mordu's Legion. According to sources, the Caldari Navy apparently put out a call for assistance roughly 20 minutes before Mordu's Legion arrived in space, indicating complications in battling the previously-reported Guristas and Angel Cartel incursions. Rumors indicate widespread dissatisfaction among loyalist capsuleers with how the Caldari Navy has handled the continued military action, particularly the lack of communication and persistent rumors the State is targeting its own citizens.

As has been a common refrain, the Caldari Navy has refused to comment besides refuting the assertions it is targeting Caldari citizens. Osmon Surveillance has released a statement saying it is cooperating with the Caldari Provincial Directorate on the issue and has no plans to follow the path of Intara Direct Action and file a lawsuit.