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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Crielere Project Scientist Released

  • YC112-04-28

    New Caldari - Dr. Tamo Kintonnen, research scientist for Hyasyoda, has been released by Provist investigators after a week of what has been described as "intensive interviews." The Press Office of Hyasyoda released the following statement about the scientist's detainment: "We have made a formal complaint to the CPD over this matter. Hyasyoda employees and their professional intellectual property belong to the Corporation. It is against the founding principles of the State for an outside agency to [...]

    CEP Approves Stricter Controls on Quafe Holdings

    • YC112-04-27

      New Caldari - The Chief Executive Panel met again today to discuss the Caldari Providence Directorate's petition to revoke Quafe Company's corporate status. The panel concluded to postpone further consideration until a future, as yet unspecified, date, but a motion was approved to implement stricter auditing of Quafe operations within State borders. Quafe Company is one of the largest corporations in New Eden and is allowed to operate in the State as a domestic company, subject to the same laws, [...]

      Initial Ardishapur speaking engagements ''doing well''

      • YC112-04-26

        As Yonis Ardishapur's speaking tour continues through the Empire, initial reports indicate the events are gaining in success. Held mainly in churches and other areas of religious gathering, the Heir has attracted sizable crowds. While many of the venues can hold several thousand safely, seats have been taken quickly, leading to some being turned away at the door. In addition to those in attendance, tens of thousands have watched broadcasts of the engagements. Commenting on the popularity of the [...]

        Boundless Creation Marketing Holo Banned

        • YC112-04-24

          Hagilur - A review panel at the Republic Justice Department has ordered a ban on the latest marketing holoreel produced by Boundless Creation after fierce opposition from a Minmatar-Gallente based pressure group. The group, named "Reconcile," is a pro-peace movement seeking to move the major governments of New Eden toward a peaceful end to current hostilities. Reconcile filed a petition with the Republic Justice Department several days ago, stating that the upcoming Boundless Creation marketing [...]

          Senate Proposes Easing Restrictions on Quafe Corporation

          • YC112-04-23

            Villore - Citing economic concerns, Senator Faron Shu confirmed to the Scope today his intention to introduce legislation that eases restrictions against Quafe Corporation trading and other operations in the Federation. This announcement comes in the wake of rumors concerning meetings between Quafe Company officials and representatives of both the Federation Senate and the Minmatar Parliament. Sources indicate a similar motion has been brought forward in the Republic. Speaking outside his office, [...]

            Crielere Project Scientist Detained by Provists

            • YC112-04-21

              Kaaputenen - Dr. Tamo Kinttonen, one of the leading research project managers for the Hyasyoda Corporation, has been detained for questioning by Provists at a CBD Sell Division station in Kaaputenen. It is understood that Kintonnen had prepaid for passage on an unidentified ship to Penirgman system in the Domain region. Kintonnen worked on the Crielere Project as part of a Hyasyoda team concerned with cloaking technology. Although divorced now, he was married at the time to Dr. Sycia Tillbeaux, a [...]

              Aulmont Meis Named Head of Senate

              • YC112-04-19

                Villore - In a close vote, Senator Aulmont Meis was named as Mentas Blaque's successor to the coveted position of the Head of Senate. Formerly head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Meis has nearly four decades of experience within the assembly. A graduate of the University of Caille, Meis went on to graduate studies in international relations at the prestigious Hedion University in the Amarr Empire. Mr Meis returned to Caille to pursue his doctorate in diplomatic studies. After serving in [...]

                Provists Call for Quafe to Lose State Corporation Status

                • YC112-04-16

                  New Caldari - Quafe Company shares dropped today on the major Caldari exchanges following a petition to the Chief Executive Panel by the Caldari Providence Directorate to revoke the Gallente firm's State-granted corporate status. Citing Quafe's ties to the Federation and its government, the Directorate's petition states Quafe's unique status as the only non-Caldari corporation with domestic corporate sovereignty and its attendant rights pose an "insidious economic and political threat to the stability [...]

                  Ardishapur focuses on ''roots of the faith'' and ''embracing new races into the traditional fold''

                  • YC112-04-16

                    Amarr Prime - The first of Yonis Ardishapur's speaking engagements was held today in Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime. Speaking before a crowd of just under a thousand for little over an hour, the heir has focused mainly on his views on religion, the Empire, and the roles of all peoples in its future. Ardishapur called on all those attending the event to "remember where you came from. Be you a freed slave, a descendant of slaves, a merchant, a Navy officer, a Holder, or even royalty, it is paramount to [...]

                    Nominations Begin for Head of Senate

                    • YC112-04-16

                      Villore - Today's lively Senate session was given over entirely to the internal process of naming and winnowing down candidates for the vacant Head of Senate position. Early debate has identified three potential front-runners for the position. Vance Opheron, who currently serves as chairman of the Senate Defense Committee, was quickly nominated and seconded by a large contingent of senators who feel his experience on military matters would serve the nation well. In light of the ongoing armed conflict [...]

                      CPD Press Conference: ‘Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear’

                      • YC112-04-15

                        New Caldari - The Caldari Providence Directorate held a press conference today in an effort to allay fears about its inquiry into the Crielere Project. The inquiry has drawn criticism from members of the public following the detainment of several individuals. The total number of citizens questioned in the inquiry is unknown thus far, although a CPD spokesman described the inquiry as "comprehensive, concentrated and complete." Former employees on the project, including scientists, laboratory [...]

                        Mentas Blaque Announces Senate Resignation

                        • YC112-04-14

                          Villore - After a long and distinguished career, Senator Mentas Blaque announced today that he would be stepping down from his elected position in the Gallente Senate effective immediately. With over two years remaining in his current term, Senator Blaque's early departure will trigger a special election within his home district to name a successor. Of greater importance is the loss of Blaque's leadership role as the Head of Senate. For years, Mentas Blaque has had a direct hand in shaping Gallente [...]

                          Ardishapur to begin empire-wide speaking tour

                          • YC112-04-13

                            The Ardishapur Family announced that Yonis Ardishapur will tour the Empire over the coming weeks. The royal heir, whose recent success within the Ammatar Mandate has led to high popularity in that domain, is planning on speaking engagements in a variety of venues and locations. Coming on the heels of his actions following the terrorist bombing that claimed the life of High Deacon Mervan Moritok, the heir expressed a desire to "connect with the true people of Amarr and revitalize their faith and [...]

                            Ishukone Negotiates Terms With Federation Regulators

                            • YC112-04-12

                              Algogille - Trade negotiators from Ishukone Corporation arrived in Algogille today, where they plan to meet with Federal Administration representatives in order to discuss a relaxation of Federation restrictions put in place shortly after the invasion of Caldari Prime. According to Ishukone, the corporation was invited to meet with the Federal Administration by the president's office last month. While President Roden has taken a hard line against the Caldari occupation of Caldari Prime, he has made [...]

                              Reppola, Osmon Meeting With SuVee Leadership

                              • YC112-04-07

                                Saisio - Sukuuvestaa news networks are reporting that the company's executive board met with Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola and Hyasyoda CEO Ahtonen Osmon today at the company's Saisio headquarters. The meeting appears to have been planned in secret, or at least called on short notice, as Saisio traffic control was alerted of the two CEOs' arrival only minutes before Reppola's Chimera-class carrier jumped into the system. Such a high level meeting between the leader of the State's Liberal political bloc [...]

                                Crielere Inquiry Announced by the Caldari Providence Directorate

                                • YC112-04-06

                                  New Caldari - The Caldari Providence Directorate announced an inquiry into the Crielere project today, amid rumors that evidence of "anti-Caldari" activities has been unearthed. Nugoeihuvi recently began research for a documentary about the Crielere Project, and it is understood that the CPD became interested in the project after a researcher leaked information concerning a private deal between Jacus Roden and an unconfirmed Caldari megacorporation. The Crielere Project was a joint Caldari and [...]

                                  CBT Investigators Arrest Caldari Funds Unlimited CEO

                                  • YC112-04-05

                                    Litiura - Caldari Funds Unlimited CEO Jaan Omura was taken into custody this morning by investigators from the Caldari Business Tribunal on charges of treason, espionage, fraud, and embezzlement. The arrests accompanied a continuing investigation into financial malfeasance at the State's largest independent bank. A Tribunal release laid out the charges against Omura, which stem from a series of "unusual financial transactions" between accounts registered to Omura at Caldari Funds Unlimited, the State [...]

                                    Secondary Explosions Lead to Further Loss of Life

                                    • YC112-04-05

                                      Pashanai - A series of secondary explosions has rocked the shattered hulk of the Ministry of War station in Pashanai. Given the extensive and ongoing rescue and recovery operations taking place, this new series of blasts is sure to add to the death toll, especially among responders and aid workers. It is unclear as yet what caused these secondary blasts. While some theorize that they are the result of charges placed by the original terrorists with the express purpose of targeting first responders, the [...]

                                      Kaalakiota Currency Board Devalues Scrip By 2%

                                      • YC112-04-03

                                        Nonni - The Kaalakiota corporate bank's currency board voted to devalue Kaalakiota corporate scrip by 2% today, causing panic in several major Kaalakiota enclaves and making clear the ongoing troubles in the Caldari State. While the company's stock has declined nearly 10% in the last week, the board's action appears to have halted the decline for now. The currency board stated that the change was made to rebalance the corporation's ISK holdings, blaming illegal currency exchanges in the Intaki [...]

                                        Tibus Heth Creates State Loyalty Tribunal

                                        • YC112-04-02

                                          Nonni - State Executor Tibus Heth has ordered the creation of the "State Loyalty Tribunal," an independent committee tasked with investigating national security threats within the highest ranks of Caldari corporate and political power. "Recent events have made it clear that our enemies seek to subvert the State at every level," said Heth. "The State Loyalty Tribunal will bring an end to this and prevent further infiltration." Asiaineras Isuki, commander of the Home Guard's Surveillance Division, has [...]

                                          Republic University Scholar Causes Controversy over Pashanai Attack

                                          • YC112-04-02

                                            Hulm - A senior scholar at the Republic University upset many Amarr citizens today over his comments regarding the attack in the Pashanai system system a week ago. Erglan Vros, a Krusual professor of social studies at the Republic University, made the controversial remarks during an interview to The Wider Social Review, a respected Gallente-based political analysis journal. When asked by TWSR on last week's events in the Amarr Empire and their effects on the Minmatar Republic's future, Vros stated [...]