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Inauguration Assassination Plot Thwarted – Sarum Empire Decapitated as Kor-Azor Ascends to Power

  • YC106-01-31

    1B-31U – After weeks of anxious speculation about her true intentions since the outcome of the Succession Trials which ultimately decided her fate, Jamyl Sarum shocked the galaxy by committing ritual suicide (“Shathol’Syn”) without naming an heir to her own family during the Amarr Inaugural Ceremony, thus leaving her colossal military power and territories unclaimed. The consensus among political analysts is that the transition from Heideran VII to the rule of Emperor Doriam Kor-Azor is having a [...]

    SCC Rules on Patent Dispute, Boundless Creation Releases Schematics

    • YC106-01-31

      An SCC ruling on disputed patent claims for hull modification technology opens the door for the licensing and manufacture of devices based on the controversial research. Boundless Creations, one of the companies involved in the settlement, wasted no time today in releasing a schematic for the production of a device utilizing the research breakthroughs. Due to SCC regulations regarding arbitration of patent claims disputes, the identities of the other corporations or individuals involved in the [...]

      Crielere Labs--The End of the Experiment?

      • YC106-01-31

        Amidst mass defections and ever-increasing reports of stolen schematics, missing research databases, and the widespread pirating of collated findings, Crielere Labs is slowly going dark. Defiant in the echoing halls of the joint institution, officially known as the Caldari-Gallente Research Facility, project founders Henric Touvolle and Taromi Umailen today held a brief press conference denouncing the “lack of vision responsible for jeopardizing humanity’s greatest hopes.” The fate of the facility [...]

        Gag Order Imposed on DED Internal Security Chief – CONCORD Activity Spikes To Alarming Levels

        • YC106-01-28

          NEW CALDARI – Incarcerated DED Internal Security Chief Tantoseisen Kakkichi and his legal representative Dantennen Fisk have been issued gag orders, prohibiting them from speaking with members of the press or anyone else outside of CONCORD. The order came as a result of an Inner Circle mandate, and is exclusively reserved for cases that could expose classified information or pose a security risk, internally or otherwise. The security lockdown was issued amidst reports of suspicious CONCORD fleet [...]

          Pioneers of Crielere program call for harmony

          • YC106-01-26

            The two leading scientists in the Crielere program, the Gallentean Henric Touvolle and the Caldari Taromi Umailen, have publicly called for unity amongst their fellow scientists following the stunning revelations that top Caldari officials have systematically been stealing blueprints from the Crielere facilities. Many of the most prominent scientists in the program have since left their posts and gone to work for independent research firms elsewhere. Now Touvolle and Umailen, which pioneered the [...]

            Rogue CONCORD Commander Turns Himself In, Declares Actions Were Justified

            • YC106-01-23

              YULAI – The maverick DED commander who took his fleet into unregulated space turned himself in today at an undisclosed location without incident. The commander’s name is Tantoseisen Kakkichi, the head of Internal Security at the DED. Sources close to CONCORD believe all ships reported missing were accounted for, and that all of the officers-- including Kakkichi--were arrested on arrival. Some of the returning ships were reported as displaying extensive battle damage. Within 30 minutes of the arrests, [...]

              Scope Reports Emergency Session of CONCORD Assembly Being Called

              • YC106-01-22

                The Scope is reporting that the Chancellor of the CONCORD Assembly has called for a rare, emergency session. You can read the latest news of this development in the Scope Forum.

                Crisis at Crielere as feud erupts

                • YC106-01-22

                  Finally, after weeks of rumors and speculations, the truth over the disappearance of several valuable blueprints from the Crielere station has been revealed. As expected, some very high-ranking individuals are involved and the whole matter seems poised to topple the Crielere research program. At the heart of the plot to steal original blueprints and prototype items stands the CEO of Ishukone, Otro Gariushi himself. It seems that the Caldari were becoming annoyed by what they considered lack of [...]

                  CONCORD Task Force Sighted Leaving Empire Borders

                  • YC106-01-21

                    AEDITIDE – An armada of CONCORD police ships, comprised of at least 6 battleships with 8 cruiser escorts, was sighted approaching the Egbinger gate in the Aeditide system and then jumping into unregulated space. The circumstances surrounding this highly unusual, unannounced expedition beyond Empire borders are unknown, as CONCORD representatives have refused to comment on the development. There are strong indications that the maneuver was not planned or authorized by CONCORD Fleet Command, as sources [...]

                    Crielere: Investigation points to top

                    • YC106-01-16

                      Preliminary findings in the independent investigation on the blueprint theft from the Crielere research facility, recently initiated by Gallente President Foiritan, strongly indicate that personnel at the very top may be involved. While no names have been mentioned, it is believed that the theft was no outside job or petty theft by a disgruntled employee, as some have suggested, but rather an elaborate and deliberate act intended to personally enrich some of the leaders of the research project. The [...]

                      Theology Council concludes inquiry into heir ‘incident’ – Articio cleared

                      • YC106-01-14

                        The Amarr Theology Council made an inquiry into the ‘incident’ involving the royal heir Articio Kor-Azor at the request of the church authorities where the ‘incident’ took place. The Council has now concluded the inquiry and reported its findings. Surprisingly little is said in the report and it seems the Council was unable to delve deep into the secrecy shrouding the infamous ‘incident’. Various witnesses seem to have disappeared into thin air or are suffering from a sudden stroke of amnesia, but are [...]

                        Tribal Representatives Speak Out Against Minmatar Collaboration in Curse Alliance

                        • YC106-01-13

                          In independent statements, Minmatar leaders spoke out against Republic citizens working with Amarr "criminal elements" in the Great Wildlands and Curse regions. Most outspoken was Egar Aldinold, CEO of Thukker Mix, who condemned "cowardly and piratical bands of Minmatar masquerading as freedom fighters while reaping the benefits of traitorous and shameful collusion." Though released independently, the statements reference each other and were intentionally timed to appear on the same day. Every tribe [...]

                          President Foiritan makes an unannounced visit to Crielere

                          • YC106-01-13

                            President Foiritan of the Gallente Federation recently made an unexpected visit to the Crielere research labs. Touring the facility the President learnt of the recent theft of blueprints and prototype equipment and was absolutely livid at the news. Foiritan was far from happy with how the Crielere command responded to the theft and felt is smacked of a cover-up. He demanded that an independent investigation team be formed and given complete access to the labs, brushing aside the feeble protests of the [...]

                            Uriam Kador denounces Articio Kor-Azor as an uncouth scoundrel

                            • YC106-01-12

                              Uriam Kador, head of the respected Kador royal family, has officially denounced his fellow heir Articio Kor-Azor and accused him of bringing dishonor to the Amarr Empire with his 'idiotic behavior', referring to the infamous 'incident' that Articio was involved in a few days ago. Uriam even went so far as to suggest that Articio was not fit to be an heir. Although it is common for rival heirs to vie for political control behind the scenes it is very unusual for an heir to make such a venomous public [...]

                              Ishukone researcher comes forward - blames Gallente for missing blueprints

                              • YC106-01-12

                                "Our people have a right to know the truth." said Olkkenen Osa, a junior researcher for the Ishukone Corporation who was responsible for leaking out the story of the missing blueprints earlier. Osa, who was furious of the fact that the Crielere Command seemed about to sweep the whole thing under the carpet, has no doubts about who is responsible for the theft. "Some Gallente did it. Of course they did! Unlike us, they don't monitor their scientists nearly enough. Every member of our research team is [...]

                                Black market abuzz with rumors - Who has the blueprints?

                                • YC106-01-09

                                  After it was revealed that Crielere was missing important blueprints, rumors about their whereabouts have been spreading like wildfire. Who could have taken them? Who has them? Speculation that they might have been stolen by a low ranking researcher, only to be sold to a discreet agent of one of the big corporations, has been voiced - in particular by those who have been running the errands of said agents. In particular, this news should be interesting to the smaller corporations, who have little or [...]

                                  Crielere command plays down theft of blueprints

                                  • YC106-01-09

                                    The Crielere command has finally come out with a statement on the recently revealed information that several valuable blueprints were missing from their inventory. In the statement the commanders confirm that the lost blueprints were stolen, but will reveal no further details while an internal investigation is taking place. The commanders also acknowledged that the blueprints lost were unique and of considerable value, though they insisted their loss would not impinge on the research efforts being [...]

                                    Yonis Ardishapur voices concern over Articio Kor-Azor 'incident'

                                    • YC106-01-08

                                      Yonis Ardishapur, one of the five Amarr heirs, has publicly voiced his concern over the 'incident' involving his fellow heir Articio Kor-Azor in a cathedral recently. The news that many irreplaceable religious artifacts were lost and untold damage done to the sacred ground has enraged those strong of faith and Ardishapur especially bemoans the loss of the holy artifacts, of which he is an avid collector. Ardishapur has demanded a full report of the 'incident' to be given to the Theology Council as [...]

                                      Valuable blueprints missing from the Crielere Research facility

                                      • YC106-01-07

                                        Reliable sources from within the vast Crielere Research facility, the joint research venture of the Caldari and the Gallenteans, have indicated that several highly valuable blueprints and prototypes have gone missing in the last few weeks. A random check of the stock revealed this. This news has been leaked out through junior personnel within the facility, to the disapproval of the facility's commanders, it is believed. As of yet it is not known whether the items were stolen or if this is a storage or [...]

                                        Sell Orders returned, Yulai>Amarr gate repaired

                                        • YC106-01-07

                                          The missing sell orders have now been restored to their rightful owners. The problem was traced to a rogue trader bent on undermining the Heimatar market by hacking into the central bank computer. The perpetrator is currently in a state of flux after being dissolved into Biomass by the Empires. In other news, the Grid problem at the Yulai>Amarr gate has now been resolved. There is now no security risk involved in travelling through the gate and autopilot should now function as normal. We thank you all [...]

                                          Kor-Azor heir involved in 'incident' at cathedral

                                          • YC106-01-06

                                            Aritcio Kor-Azor, the new head of the Kor-Azor family and son of the recently appointed Amarr Emperor, was involved in an unspecified 'incident' at an ancient cathedral on his home planet of Eclipticum last week. Aritcio, which has a reputation of enjoying the wild side of life, rented the cathedral for himself and a group of his friends to engage in some 'religious festivities', as he described it. These 'festivities' were abruptly ended when a resident priest accidentally walked in on them and [...]

                                            Transport Carrying Imperial Retainers Destroyed, No Survivors

                                            • YC106-01-02

                                              An Omen-class cruiser carrying personal servants and retinue of the Amarr Emperor Doriam II was destroyed under mysterious circumstances while traveling in the Throne Worlds constellation. Though the Emperor remained safe and the cruiser carried no members of the Imperial family, the Emperor Family Bureau is reporting “over thirty of Doriam II’s loyal and trusted servants” are believed to have perished in the event. No harm came to the Emperor, who is preparing for his upcoming Empire-wide travels in [...]