Crisis at Crielere as feud erupts

New Eden News | YC106-01-22

Finally, after weeks of rumors and speculations, the truth over the disappearance of several valuable blueprints from the Crielere station has been revealed. As expected, some very high-ranking individuals are involved and the whole matter seems poised to topple the Crielere research program.

At the heart of the plot to steal original blueprints and prototype items stands the CEO of Ishukone, Otro Gariushi himself. It seems that the Caldari were becoming annoyed by what they considered lack of professionalism in the Gallente scientists and decided to take matter into their own hands to ‘rectify matters.’ Indeed, now that the ugly truth is out, the formerly evasive Gariushi has come out with all guns blazing. In a short interview yesterday he said that ‘the Caldari had carried the Crielere program on their shoulders from the start and it was only just that they’d get their fair share for this.’ He carried on by saying that he ‘had no regrets over what had been done, the world as a whole had benefited from the toil of the Caldari scientists and people should be grateful, not bickering about a handful of blueprints that must seem a small prize compared to the fantastic gains made by everyone.’.

But not everyone see things in the same light as Gariushi. The Gallente Federation for one is absolutely outraged, not only at the blueprint theft but also the offensive attitude of the Caldari. The Senate has already pulled the plug on further funding and the Gallente science community on the facility is in a total uproar. Several sections of the facility have already been closed down and more will close soon. Staff has left the station in droves to take up work elsewhere. In short, it is a total turmoil that may very well spell the end of the Crielere program and all the revolutionary work done there.