Black market abuzz with rumors - Who has the blueprints?

New Eden News | YC106-01-09

After it was revealed that Crielere was missing important blueprints, rumors about their whereabouts have been spreading like wildfire. Who could have taken them? Who has them?

Speculation that they might have been stolen by a low ranking researcher, only to be sold to a discreet agent of one of the big corporations, has been voiced - in particular by those who have been running the errands of said agents.

In particular, this news should be interesting to the smaller corporations, who have little or no chance to compete with the likes of Ishukone. Entire new product lines might appear out of seemingly nowhere if said blueprints find their ways into the hands of a capable researcher - and that would surely invigorate the market, which all experts agree is in a slump.

Exciting times ahead, indeed.