Yonis Ardishapur voices concern over Articio Kor-Azor 'incident'

New Eden News | YC106-01-08

Yonis Ardishapur, one of the five Amarr heirs, has publicly voiced his concern over the 'incident' involving his fellow heir Articio Kor-Azor in a cathedral recently. The news that many irreplaceable religious artifacts were lost and untold damage done to the sacred ground has enraged those strong of faith and Ardishapur especially bemoans the loss of the holy artifacts, of which he is an avid collector.

Ardishapur has demanded a full report of the 'incident' to be given to the Theology Council as soon as possible and that the Emperor, as the chief religious figure in the empire, reprimand Articio Kor-Azor for his irresponsible and sacrilegious behavior. The Imperial Chamberlain has already answered Ardishapur's request on behalf on the Emperor and stated that Doriam did not share Ardishapur's concern on the matter and would not take any action against Articio Kor-Azor.