Uriam Kador denounces Articio Kor-Azor as an uncouth scoundrel

New Eden News | YC106-01-12

Uriam Kador, head of the respected Kador royal family, has officially denounced his fellow heir Articio Kor-Azor and accused him of bringing dishonor to the Amarr Empire with his 'idiotic behavior', referring to the infamous 'incident' that Articio was involved in a few days ago. Uriam even went so far as to suggest that Articio was not fit to be an heir. Although it is common for rival heirs to vie for political control behind the scenes it is very unusual for an heir to make such a venomous public attack on another heir.

Articio made a quick respond to Uriam. Far from being apologetic or defensive about his behavior Articio went on the attack himself and accused Uriam of being a Federation lackey, hinting at the persisting rumors that Uriam has a Gallentean lover of high standing. Articio stated that he would rather take advice 'from a pet slave than a weak-minded crony of inferior people like Uriam.'

Articio's outburst seems to have hit a nerve as Uriam quickly withdrew from the debate and has gone to his spring retreat in Aridia, where he can't be reached for comments. As for Aritcio, he celebrated his ninety-ninth birthday yesterday in customary high style. In the few weeks since becoming heir Aritcio has already spent more money on festivities and parties than his father did in all his years as an heir.