Crielere command plays down theft of blueprints

New Eden News | YC106-01-09

The Crielere command has finally come out with a statement on the recently revealed information that several valuable blueprints were missing from their inventory. In the statement the commanders confirm that the lost blueprints were stolen, but will reveal no further details while an internal investigation is taking place. The commanders also acknowledged that the blueprints lost were unique and of considerable value, though they insisted their loss would not impinge on the research efforts being made at the facility.

Finally, the commanders lamented the fact that this news went public and have already admonished the junior research assistant responsible for leaking the news. Such matters should be dealt with internally and not in full view of the public. While the commanders are optimistic that the investigation will lead to a satisfactory conclusion, they have no obligation to keep the public informed about the progress or results of it.