Valuable blueprints missing from the Crielere Research facility

New Eden News | YC106-01-07

Reliable sources from within the vast Crielere Research facility, the joint research venture of the Caldari and the Gallenteans, have indicated that several highly valuable blueprints and prototypes have gone missing in the last few weeks. A random check of the stock revealed this. This news has been leaked out through junior personnel within the facility, to the disapproval of the facility's commanders, it is believed.

As of yet it is not known whether the items were stolen or if this is a storage or bookkeeping glitch, though all indications point to a theft. Security personnel are currently investigating the matter to try to determine if the theft was an inside job or if someone broke into the facility.

Otro Gariushi, CEO of Ishukone and one of the main beneficiaries of the Crielere program, spoke to the media as he was leaving a gala feast on New Caldari, stating that the matter would be handled internally and played down any wild conspiracy theories.

'Compared to the magnificent technologies pouring out of Crielere this is an insignificant matter and you should focus on the positive aspects of the Crielere program instead of wasting time on trivial issues such as this,' he finished heatedly before storming off.