Ishukone researcher comes forward - blames Gallente for missing blueprints

New Eden News | YC106-01-12

"Our people have a right to know the truth." said Olkkenen Osa, a junior researcher for the Ishukone Corporation who was responsible for leaking out the story of the missing blueprints earlier.

Osa, who was furious of the fact that the Crielere Command seemed about to sweep the whole thing under the carpet, has no doubts about who is responsible for the theft.

"Some Gallente did it. Of course they did! Unlike us, they don't monitor their scientists nearly enough. Every member of our research team is monitored around the clock by our leaders. And they sure as hell aren't going to steal their own blueprints. The Gallente have no honor!"

When asked whether he wasn't worried that he was ruining the investigation by making these claims, Osa responded: "What investigation? Everything has pretty much been business as usual at the labs. Makes me laugh...our CEO is bending backwards to accomodate these bastards, and this is how they repay him!?"

Immediately following his statement, the Crielere Command issued their own, stating that Olkkenen Osa has been temporarily removed from the research team.