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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Low test scores for Gallentean students

  • YC105-10-31

    The test scores for the last semester in Federal schools are in and the results are very bleak. The average is down by a whole 2 points all over the board. Education authorities are baffled by this ominous development and have launched and investigation into the matter. The terrible test outcome comes only days after reports about increase in student truancy, disciplinary problems and even delinquency have flooded in from all over the Federation. The matter has reached the highest echelons of the [...]

    Gallente citizens voice concerns with Sukuuvestaa deal

    • YC105-10-31

      It may not have been a planet-shattering announcement, but the announcing of the Gallente Federation/Sukuuvestaa deal has sent ripples of concern through Gallente ranks. "I don't much like Caldari in general. They are humourless and dry business-first types, but I tend to give them grudging respect. Not so with Sukuuvestaa. Our government might as well make a deal with pirates." Said a prominent Gallente captain who wishes to remain anonymous. Few outside Caldari understand the intricate corporate [...]

      Protein Delicacies in all Federal schools within the next few days

      • YC105-10-30

        The Department of Education in the Gallente Federation has announced that it has made a breakthrough deal with the Sukuuvestaa Corporation to supply all Gallentean schools with Protein Delicacies. The deal is thought to save the department billions of ISK that can then be used in other areas of the education system. Protein Delicacies have already become widely popular within the Federation and the government is certain the students will applaud the change of diet in their cafeterias. Sukuuvesta [...]

        New food product praised for high nutritional value yet low price

        • YC105-10-29

          The Sukuuvestaa Corporation has released a new line of food products labeled Protein Delicacies. Its low price combined with its high nutritional value has it hailed as heralding in a new era by slicing the food bill by as much as in half. The product is lightweight and can be mass produced very fast. But what is even more surprising is the fact that it tastes absolutely delicious and gourmet chefs in the most famous Gallentean restaurants have already found ingenious uses for it in their cuisine. The [...]

          Amarr Succession Trial Combatant: "For the love of the Empire, it’s a good day to die…"

          • YC105-10-28

            UNKNOWN – The fate of the Amarr Empire was decided this weekend as the first round of the Amarr Succession Trials concluded with the emergence of five champions, each possibly representing the next Emperor of the Amarr Empire. The champions are: For the House of Doriam Kor-Azor, Ecliptical of MASS; for the House of Idonis Ardishapur, Detaitiv of BIG; for the House of Jamyl Sarum, Shrike of Evolution; for the House of Davit Tash-Murkon, Con’Mal of Everlasting Vendetta; and for the House of Temal Kador, [...]

            Championship Rounds

            • YC105-10-23

              The rounds for each house have been posted under the championship section, champions can see at what time they have their first match and against which champion they fight.

              Tough Times for Techell Corp

              • YC105-10-23

                Techell Corp, well known for holding a virtual commercial monopoly over the highly sought-after MinerII mining laser, finds itself at the center of a growing corporate war. Sources inside Techell confirm that no fewer than six corporations have declared war against Techell Corp. Widespread accusations of predatory pricing on the MinerII technology are believed to be among the motivations. Techell Corp, headquartered in the Algogille system, Crux Constellation, is widely known for being the only [...]

                CONCORD agent corruption?

                • YC105-10-23

                  MISHI, ARIDIA: He's a respected and high-ranking official of the CONCORD organisation, one of the elite few that represent all the four empires and is sworn to keep the law and the peace. But is he also a slave-trading black marketeer who arranges the security rating of thugs and pirates? Hongalar Audurleinn is his name, and like all of CONCORD's agent's he has gone through the most strenuous of background checks before he was hired. Or did he? More than one pilot is now accusing him of trading slaves [...]

                  Quafe Company Accused of Arms Running

                  • YC105-10-21

                    Caldari sources are reporting scan results have exposed a heretofore unknown practice by Gallentean company Quafe: transporting weapons and ammunition into their stations in Caldari space. Hanni Isollenek, operating for the Lai Dai Protection corporation, uncovered shipments of “millions of isk” worth of arms and armaments intermingled with more mundane cargos. At the time of this writing, it is unknown if this marks a change in official Quafe corporate policy. “Scans show office equipment—data [...]

                    Small and Midcap Manufacturing Corporations Crippled By Megacyte Shortage

                    • YC105-10-21

                      VOUSKIAHO – Shipyards and factory assembly lines all across Empire space are grinding to a halt as production managers and entrepreneurs find themselves unable or unwilling to acquire the rare minerals required for advanced production, specifically megacyte and zydrine. “Historically, we do this to ourselves over and over again,” quoted “Hal”, a factory manager in The Forge region who did not want his identity published. “Mankind discovers a treasure trove of natural resources, devours it all at once, [...]

                      Concord Reports Alarming Rise in Scams, Thefts

                      • YC105-10-14

                        PERIMETER – Con artists have been executing increasingly successful scams against unsuspecting ship captains, many of which leave victims with no legal recourse. “People have to learn how to protect themselves,” said a Concord detective, who requested that his name be withheld from publication. “These matchstick guys aren’t breaking any laws per se—they’re just successful at convincing the unwary to take completely unnecessary and often times outrageous risks.” In one such scam, a relatively inactive [...]

                        Anonymous Miner II Original Blueprint Owner Discovers Productivity Threshold

                        • YC105-10-12

                          LUSTREVIK – Researchers at the anonymous corporation holding the controversial original Miner II blueprint released information that has galaxy-wide financial implications for both owners and consumers of advanced technology. “We discovered that we can’t increase the production rate by copying the original,” explained the corporation’s CEO. “This is going to have a really, really serious impact on the way future tech will be produced--if the trend continues, there will be a lot of item monopolies [...]

                          Implant technology embraced by spacefarers

                          • YC105-10-12

                            It's all the rage - do commission work for one of the big corporations or factions, and they might just award you with the cutting-edge technology implants you've been hearing people brag about. Although not available on the market yet, these cybernetic add-ons have sparked such a huge interest amongst ship captains that agents of the corporations in possession of this technology have found more willing workers than ever. Captains are always after that little edge, it seems. After all, it does not do [...]

                            House Ardishapur issues a statement

                            • YC105-10-12

                              The following announcement was delivered to Concord news services earlier this morning from representatives of house Ardishapur: _Amarr loyalists! Can you not see that your empire needs you? The last few months have caused us great distress - the soulless jovians return to our lands with their diseased cadavors, minmatar slaves harass our loyal citizens, and now, to our utter disgrace, pirates blockade our systems. If it were not for brave and loyal Amarrians such as PIE, the pirates would still be [...]

                              Universal Uncertainty: An Anxious Time for All

                              • YC105-10-07

                                With the next Amarr Emperor undecided and political turmoil in the Minmatar Parliament, apprehension is widespread and speculation about impending war is at an all-time high. Fears of a renewal of hostilities between the Amarr and Minmatar, and any effect said hostilities would have over relations between the Gallente Federation and Caldari State, are causing a chilling effect in the market. While industrialists reexamine production projections with an eye to supplying any such outbreak of [...]

                                Sebiestor Majority in Question: Krusual Tribal Leaders Agitating for Change of PM

                                • YC105-10-03

                                  Krusual representatives have been lobbying their counterparts in the Vherokior and Brutor tribal houses in an effort to gain a voting majority in the Republic Parliament. Long-time rivals of current majority Sebiestor tribe, the Krusual are finding support from other tribal houses bolstered by wide-spread dissatisfaction with the leadership of current Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular. Should such a shift in the Republic majority happen, a new Prime Minister is almost a certainty. The implicit [...]

                                  Sarum to deny non-Amarrian wingmen?

                                  • YC105-10-01

                                    Since house Ardishapur announced yesterday that they would not be accepting non-Amarrian wingmen fighting alongside their champion, debates have flaired up amongst the other families on whether to follow suit or not. The debates are closed affairs, and no reports are being issued recieved through official channels. However, the word on the street is that Jamyl Sarum, who is known for her militant attitude towards the other races, seems unlikely to want representatives from any other than pure-blooded [...]