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Modern Finances report: cloned soldiers provide high return on investment

  • YC115-04-29

    _Geras - _Nearly two months after the existence of cloned soldiers was made public to the cluster by Jacus Roden, Modern Finances has released a positive report on the financial viability of the soldiers. According to the report, the average cloned soldier begins providing a greater return on investment with each passing day, allowing them to quickly overcome their initial cost. While the costs to create and train an individual cloned soldier is greater than an ordinary soldier, due to the necessity [...]

    Federation denies Republic request for extradition of shooter

    • YC115-04-26

      Luminaire - Following the mass shooting of Minmatar at a cultural festival which has left 58 dead and 304 wounded, including Sebiestor Tribe leader Karin Midular in critical condition, the Gallente Federation has denied a request by the Minmatar Republic to extradite the shooter for trial. The Supreme Court made the expedited decision based on the unprecedented nature of the shooting. In unanimously dismissing the request, the Supreme Court said, "This was a crime committed by a Federation citizen on [...]

      Empress Jamyl I becoming increasingly erratic, reports say

      • YC115-04-23

        Amarr - Empress Jamyl I has made an increasing number of contradictory and otherwise irrational statements and decisions over the past several months, according to several independent political commentators familiar with the Imperial Court. The commentators point to several specific incidents highlighting her inconsistency. The first is her vacillation on the Ardishapur Family educational reforms, which regularly changed from week to week from full support to outright anger. The empress was originally [...]

        Sebiestor Tribe issues update on Midular's condition

        • YC115-04-22

          Eram - Karin Midular remains comatose and on life support, according to a statement issued by the Sebiestor Tribe. The tribal chief's condition is worsening, with doctors losing hope that she can recover sufficiently to regain consciousness or hope to be cloned. The damage to her frontal, parietal, and temporal lobes is extensive. Cellular regeneration has been induced, but the destruction of vital structures has rendered it unlikely she will ever be fully restored to her previous state. Doctors are [...]

          Tibus Heth proclaims vision for “single solidified State”

          • YC115-04-19

            _New Caldari - _In an address broadcast across the Caldari State, Executor Tibus Heth proclaimed his desire to "unify the Caldari people" and abolish the "divisive system that has led us astray." He went on to attack what he proclaimed "individuals and groups who cling to foreign influences that have wormed their way into our core and must be purged through any means necessary." "If we are to survive, we must have a single solidified State," Heth said. "The stability of the Caldari people depends on [...]

            Minmatar residents of Federation express growing concern

            • YC115-04-17

              _Sinq Liason - _As the effects of the mass shooting that claimed 58 lives continues to ripple through the Federation, the large number of Federation citizens of Minmatar heritage have begun expressing growing concern with the handling of the situation and their own status within the Federation. Many have expressed discontent with the delays in turning over Midular to the Republic and the refusal of the Federation government to extradite the shooter or release any details about the individual. "None of [...]

              Nugoeihuvi visits Caldari Prime; reports significant progress

              • YC115-04-15

                _Luminaire - _Representatives from Nugoeihuvi Corporation, on behalf of the CEP, visited Caldari Prime over the past week to compile a report on Ishukone Corporation's progress on restoring the planet. According to their initial reports, Ishukone is "showing stellar progress in securing Caldari interests on Caldari Prime." Following weeks of heavy fighting, including the crash of the Leviathan-class Titan Shiigeru, Caldari Prime had been heavily damaged with services cut off to many inhabitants. [...]

                Blood Raiders pillage religious site on Saikamon

                • YC115-04-15

                  Oyonata - A religious site under the protection of the Kador Family was assaulted and pillaged by the Blood Raiders on the evening of the 12th. Numerous religious relics were taken by the Blood Raiders, while others were destroyed or defaced by the pirate cartel. The site is believed to be over a thousand years old. Though it holds some significance to the Amarr, the Blood Raiders have long considered it one of their more holy sites. The artifacts stolen from the site consist mainly of relics which [...]

                  Karin Midular released into Republic care; remains critical

                  • YC115-04-14

                    _Pator - _Though former Republic Prime Minister and current Sebiestor Tribal Chief Karin Midular remains in critical condition, she has stabilized, according to doctors in the Federation. Midular was transported to Pator in the Minmatar Republic early this morning, where she was remitted into the care of doctors and taken to an undisclosed hospital for further treatment. Despite the willingness of the Federation to transfer Midular to Republic care, doctors remain pessimistic about her long-term [...]

                    Tibus Heth attacks Federation in speech

                    • YC115-04-13

                      New Caldari - In a public address given to Caldari Providence Directorate activists, State Executor Tibus Heth this afternoon delivered what has been characterized as a "disjointed, rambling attack on the Federation." His speech touched on the recent tensions between the Federation and Minmatar Republic and the demilitarization of Caldari Prime. "We once again see the imperialism of the Gallente in full force," Heth said. "They are never able to admit to error and believe their own systems to be [...]

                      Karin Midular in coma; Republic demands transfer

                      • YC115-04-12

                        Luminaire - Sebiestor Tribal Chief Karin Midular is in a medically induced coma and has suffered extensive brain trauma, the Scope has learned, after being shot in the head on Thursday by a lone gunman in a rampage that left 58 dead and 304 wounded. According to reports from her doctors, the severity of Midular's injury is such that cloning is considered impossible, as any brain scan would return incomplete results. Doctors are currently waiting for the swelling in Midular's brain to go down so they [...]

                        Republic Security Services stand off with Federation Navy over shooter

                        • YC115-04-12

                          Bei - The Republic Security Services took a small battleship fleet into Gallente space to demand custody of the shooter who killed 58 and left 304 wounded. After jumping into Colelie from Bei, they had a tense, 30-minute standoff with the Federation Navy before being convinced to stand down by a combination of capsuleers and the DED. The Republic Security Services fleet, composed primarily of Brutor and Sebiestor tribesmen, jumped into Colelie shortly after 20:00, less than eight hours after the [...]

                          Former Minmatar prime minister Karin Midular confirmed among Caille wounded

                          • YC115-04-11

                            Karin Midular, current Sebiestor Tribal Chief and former Prime Minister of the Minmatar Republic, has been confirmed as one of those wounded in the terrorist attack that took place at the hands of a lone gunman earlier today on Gallente Prime. Details are sparse at this hour, but reports indicate the tribal chief is currently in critical condition after sustaining a serious head wound in the attack. According to highly placed sources within the Minmatar government, Sanmatar Malaetu Shakor has been in [...]

                            Terrorist attack at Gallente-Minmatar cultural festival leaves dozens dead, hundreds wounded

                            • YC115-04-11

                              At 11:57 this morning, a lone gunman assaulted a crowd of spectators at the Luminaire Center for Culture and The Arts in the city of Caille on the planet of Gallente Prime, killing at least 58 people and wounding 304 others. The crowd had been assembled for the inaugural address of the Federal Tribes Festival of Community and Culture, held in Caille every year with the stated aim of "fostering and nurturing the relations that have kept the bond between Gallente and Minmatar strong since the days of [...]

                              Stolen Ishukone Watch vessel located, handed off to capsuleer

                              • YC115-04-06

                                KORAMA - In a statement released this afternoon, Ishukone Watch confirmed they have relocated the prototype Scorpion-class battleship that was stolen from their shipyard in Luminaire early yesterday morning. Landea Vrankref, security consultant and investigation lead for Ishukone Watch, made a press release from the security force's office in Korama to confirm that "the vessel has been tracked to the Republic Security Services Logistics station around Moon 5 of Planet 2, here in Korama. It would [...]

                                Final details of Caldari Prime DMZ announced

                                • YC115-04-05

                                  Luminaire - Caldari Prime will be divided into a number of districts that shall be split between Gallente and Caldari administration, while Mordu's Legion will provide security for the planet. After final negotiations, roughly fifty-four percent of the districts will fall under the Caldari jurisdiction of the Ishukone Corporation, while forty-six percent will be Gallente districts administered by Material Acquisition. The districts are purely administrative; they shall not be segregated by ethnicity. [...]

                                  Prototype vessel stolen from Ishukone shipyard

                                  • YC115-04-05

                                    LUMINAIRE - The Ishukone Corporation has confirmed that after a sustained firefight this morning, a prototype version of the Scorpion-class battleship has been stolen from their low-orbit staging point above Caldari Prime. Three of the vessels, which were originally designed for use by the Ishukone Watch security force, were drafted in for combat readiness assessment during the Caldari Prime relief effort. These modified versions of the Scorpion apparently include advanced LADAR and thermal imaging [...]

                                    Tibus Heth angrily denounces Caldari Prime DMZ, blasts Ishukone and SuVee participation

                                    • YC115-04-04

                                      NEW CALDARI _- _ State Executor Tibus Heth delivered a fiery speech to Kaalakiota workers this morning, calling the agreement between the CEP and Federation to turn Caldari Prime into a demilitarized zone "an appeasement that solves nothing and keeps billions of Caldari imprisoned for future generations." He also questioned the actions of Ishukone and Sukuuvestaa in providing aid to the planet "at the cost of recovering it for those it belongs to." "So shortly after the Shiigeru crashed, we had [...]

                                      Fed Navy releases Caldari Prime details; citizens react

                                      • YC115-04-03

                                        _Luminaire - _The Federation Navy today released a statement detailing Operation Highlander, the code-name for the offensive on Caldari Prime that ended with the destruction of the Shiigeru. The statement declared the operation an "overall success", while noting that certain details did not go as planned. In particular, the Federation Navy expressed dismay at the crashing of the Shiigeru into Caldari Prime and the damage caused, though it noted that a much larger disaster was prevented by the [...]

                                        Caldari Prime agreement reached; militants to depart

                                        • YC115-04-02

                                          _Luminaire - _The Gallente Federation and Caldari State have reached a tentative agreement to end the fighting on Caldari Prime and recognize the planet as a full demilitarized zone between the Federation and the State. The agreement was negotiated by Federation diplomats and representatives of the Chief Executive Panel. The treaty has already been signed by President Jacus Roden and the necessary majority of the CEOs of the eight megacorps. "This is a great day for the State," said Ishukone CEO Mens [...]

                                          Megacorporations announce plans to join Ishukone in relief efforts

                                          • YC115-04-02

                                            Saiso - Several other Caldari corporations have released word that they will be joining Ishukone in the relief effort of Caldari Prime. Chief among them was Sukuuvestaa Corporation, which has already pledged a large amount of supplies to the operation. "Numerous supplies that had been earmarked for military and security applications should, given the devastation of our homeworld, absolutely be redirected toward the aid effort," said SuVee Chief Coordinator Oilenen Inuki. "There is a time and a place [...]