Sebiestor Tribe issues update on Midular's condition

New Eden News | YC115-04-22

_Eram - _[Karin Midular]( Midular) remains comatose and on life support, according to a statement issued by the [Sebiestor Tribe]( Tribe). The tribal chief's condition is worsening, with doctors losing hope that she can recover sufficiently to regain consciousness or hope to be cloned.

The damage to her frontal, parietal, and temporal lobes is extensive. Cellular regeneration has been induced, but the destruction of vital structures has rendered it unlikely she will ever be fully restored to her previous state. Doctors are now stating a best-case scenario as "a gradual return to consciousness with a large loss of memory, personality alteration, and physical difficulties that will linger for decades."

Members of the Sebiestor Tribe have begun organizing vigils for their tribal chief's health. Hundreds are being held across the home of the Sebiestor Tribe in Eram, while many more are scheduled to begin on Pator and throughout the Republic. Numerous tribal shamans have gathered to lead Minmatar of all tribes in traditional rituals of healing and mourning.

Sanmatar [Maleatu Shakor]( Shakor) released a brief statement, calling for all Minmatar to "come together during this time of trouble and remember we are all brothers and sisters. Pray for your sister, the blessed Ray of Matar, whose light struggles to reach through this darkness."

The identity of the shooter and his motivations remains unknown, as the [Gallente Federation]( Federation) continues its investigation into the incident.