Tibus Heth proclaims vision for “single solidified State”

New Eden News | YC115-04-19

_New Caldari - _In an address broadcast across the Caldari State, Executor [Tibus Heth](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Tibus Heth) proclaimed his desire to "unify the Caldari people" and abolish the "divisive system that has led us astray." He went on to attack what he proclaimed "individuals and groups who cling to foreign influences that have wormed their way into our core and must be purged through any means necessary."

"If we are to survive, we must have a single solidified State," Heth said. "The stability of the Caldari people depends on us working together, not at odds. We must preserve the cores of what make us Caldari. We must not allow the work of foreign elements continue to break us apart.

"There was a time, centuries ago, when the Caldari people stood free. We all know the name of the Raata Empire. It is the source from which springs much of our great culture. We regularly invoke its name when we wish to impart legitimacy to endeavors. And yet what does the State today have that the Raata lacked?

"Artificial divisions, broken along corporate lines. If you asked a Raata who they were, they would answer Caldari. They would not say [Ishukone](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Ishukone Corporation), or [SuVee](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Sukuuvestaa Corporation), or [Hyasyoda](http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Hyasyoda Corporation), or any other. They were Caldari. I am Caldari. You all are Caldari. But there are those, such as I just named, who tell you differently. And then, they sell our people out to our enemies.

"Tell me, when did the corporate identity become the Caldari identity? It was only after the Gallente began enforcing their culture on our own. Why do we continue to accept this perversion of our past, when we give so much credence to our heritage otherwise? It is time to do away with all the foreign influences in our culture.

"Ishukone sells our people out to the Gallente. They sold half our planet to invading conquerors. Then Sukuuvestaa helped them, while other megacorporations who supposedly believe in the Caldari people agree with them. It is shameful and only serves to weaken the Caldari people.

"It is time for the Caldari people to remember what it means to be Caldari. It is not blind loyalty to a corporation. It is kinship with your fellows above all outsiders. This is the way forward. It is the only way if we are to remain great."

As of press time, no megacorps have issued a response to Heth's speech.