Nugoeihuvi visits Caldari Prime; reports significant progress

New Eden News | YC115-04-15

_Luminaire - _Representatives from [Nugoeihuvi Corporation]( Corporation), on behalf of the CEP, visited [Caldari Prime]( Prime) over the past week to compile a report on [Ishukone Corporation's]( Corporation) progress on restoring the planet. According to their initial reports, Ishukone is "showing stellar progress in securing Caldari interests on Caldari Prime."

Following weeks of heavy fighting, including the crash of the Leviathan-class Titan Shiigeru, Caldari Prime had been heavily damaged with services cut off to many inhabitants. According to NOH's report, the vast majority of these services have been restored in the newly-formed Caldari districts, with only an insignificantly small number of individuals going without. Additionally, repairs on damaged infrastructure are progressing rapidly. While it will take years to fully restore all damaged infrastructure to peak condition, Ishukone is already ahead of schedule.

Caldari citizens who have migrated out of the newly-minted Gallente districts have reported general happiness with Ishukone's oversight, despite many being citizens of other megacorps. Additionally, a fair number of ethnic Gallente who have been long-term residents of the now-Caldari districts have chosen to remain, citing an unwillingness to uproot and confidence in Ishukone's ability to "govern fairly".

[Tibus Heth]( Heth) released a statement in response to the report, attacking its accuracy. "Given the details of the investigation, it is impossible to take the report seriously. The NOH representatives were constantly shadowed by members of [Ishukone Watch]( Watch), ostensibly for their protection, despite the so-called treaty which assigns policing duties of Caldari Prime to [Mordu's Legion]('s Legion). Following in the traitorous tradition of [Otro Gariushi]( Gariushi), Ishukone used deceit to advance their own aims. Already we see them bowing to the Gallente, appeasing them and allowing them to infringe on Caldari land and rights. How long will it be before Ishukone gives in to their Gallente masters and usurps the planet completely?

"I will be launching my own investigation of the planet with my own loyal men and women acting completely independently of any Ishukone oversight. I anticipate we will be hearing a much different story from them."

Nugoeihuvi responded to the statement insisting on the accuracy of its report. "We place full faith in the ability of our auditors to remain unbiased. Our corporate history with Ishukone is well-documented, we have no reason to cover up for them. The Ishukone Watch security assigned to us never once attempted to prevent the auditors from doing their duties. In truth, the Ishukone Watch presence was wholly superfluous, as our auditors never felt in the slightest bit of danger."