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SCC Rules on Itsukame Case

  • YC109-11-30

    Yulai - Further investigation has revealed more direct links between Caldari research company Itsukame Innovations and the Angel Cartel organized crime syndicate, including damning testimony by Kukiyo Renzomon. Renzomon, an executive assistant arrested during last week's raids by CONCORD investigators agreed to testify against Itsukame executives and board members in exchange for leniency. Information (including saved electronic correspondence) provided by Renzomon revealed that Itsukame CEO Nuu [...]

    Amarr Navy Patrols The Bleak Lands in Force

    • YC109-11-30

      Sahtogas, The Bleak Lands - A massive military mobilization has been underway in The Bleak Lands. In just two days, the entirety of the Amarrian 7th Fleet (under the command of Admiral Vanazir Saracen) has relocated from its bases in Domain to staging areas in The Bleak Lands. Since that time, Navy elements have been seen patrolling the region in force. The move of an entire fleet, along with most of its logistics capacity, in such a short time has stunned observers. Equally stunning is the fact that [...]

      Duvolle Labs Release Details At Press Conference

      • YC109-11-29

        This morning, Duvolle Labs convened a press conference at their corporate headquarters to present further technological details regarding the revolutionary hardpoint systems demonstrated several days ago. Also on the order of business was announcing the completion of the bidding for the technology system from the three other empire research and development corporations. The highest bidding corporations are the Carthum Conglomerate, Lai Dai Corporation, and Boundless Creation. Having secured their [...]

        Gravitech Statement Adds Tension to Upcoming Physics Summit

        • YC109-11-28

          Nonni - Early yesterday morning, Gravitech Inc and parent company Kaalakiota Corporation released a joint statement, revealing the first hints of what is believed to be the culmination of nearly a year of research that is scheduled to be unveiled at the upcoming Physics Summit. The statement is less than a page long and was sent to major shareholders and news outlets only. Despite the brevity, it stated that the first successful testing of Project Cronus had taken place less than 24 hours prior. The [...]

          CreoDron Investments Turn Sour?

          • YC109-11-27

            Today saw a surprise development in the continuing speculations over CreoDron's alleged 'financial black hole' recently unearthed in their public accounts. CreoDron today made an unscheduled early loan repayment to the Garoun Investment Bank. This was followed by the first public statement made by CreoDron since the beginning of the affair. "A substantial repayment has been made to our investors at the Garoun Investment Bank due to the cancellation of a major R&D; project undertaken by this company. [...]

            Imperial Court Remains Silent about Bleak Land Troubles

            • YC109-11-27

              The Bleak Lands - Despite the numerous calls for military action against the increasing pirate forces in the Bleak Lands, there has yet to be any response by officials inside the Amarr Empire. In prior cases, such calls have come from capsuleers and other paramilitary forces, but these latest demands come from those Holders who count the Bleak Lands under their domains. In spite of this, all official organizations have kept silent. "The silence is becoming tiring," remarked Holder Kamelleth Falduur. [...]

              CONCORD releases Core Complexion Technology

              • YC109-11-26

                Yulai - Following several days of intense argument behind closed doors, CONCORD has finally released information on the new ship design created by Core Complexion earlier this week. The ship design, a small frigate with advanced electronic warfare capabilities, has been under development by Core Complexion for some time. Utilizing advanced computer subroutines, the ships are capable of deploying electronic warfare and other non-weaponized anti-ship devices at a higher level than similarly sized ships. [...]

                CONCORD Responds To Gallente Petition

                • YC109-11-25

                  CONCORD’s Inner Circle has issued a statement to the Gallente representatives within the Assembly in response to their petition for information on behalf of Gallente Citizen Mera Vahlsina. Ms Vahlsina sought the aid of her government after she accused CONCORD of ignoring her own efforts for information regarding the fate of her missing partner, Captain Bethol Jan Kozer. Following the official intervention of the Gallente Federation representatives to CONCORD, The Inner Circle issued the following [...]

                  Gallente Federation Responds To Plea From Grieving Spouse

                  • YC109-11-22

                    The Gallente Federation have, earlier this morning, responded positively to a plea for assistance from Gallente citizen Mera Vahlsina regarding her missing partner. This plea was reiterated via the public GalNet after repeated unsuccessful attempts to gain information from CONCORD regarding her partner, Captain Bethol Jan Kozer. Captain Kozer was officially declared missing in action on the 3rd of this month by CONCORD. Frustrated at the lack of progress, and having generated a mix of public sympathy [...]

                    CONCORD Declares Threat Over

                    • YC109-11-22

                      CONCORD and DED investigators have announced that all members of the terror cell that hijacked a prison transport have been apprehended and that the investigation is now over. A statement from the office of Commander Haram Goskaktar's security division revealed "when the interrogation of the two captured terrorists was complete it was clear that the cell was formed specifically to breach and hijack a prison service transport vessel. Whilst details of the transport are classified we can state that all [...]

                      Gas cloud discoveries a load of hot air

                      • YC109-11-21

                        Following extensive investigation of the recently discovered gas clouds in Amevync, Elerelle, Hed, Tartatven, Mivora, Umamon, Fabai, Joas, researchers have reported that the gas clouds are not as initially hoped. Early reports suggested that the gas clouds were rich in various cytoserocins. These gas crystals are primarily known for their usage in booster manufacture, however, scientists believe that they could be used in a variety of other medical applications. Following the initial announcement by [...]

                        The Empire Strikes Back

                        • YC109-11-21

                          DED investigators tracked down and ambushed cohorts of the prison transport hijackers in a shock dawn raid on a Society of Conscious Thought School. The DED have announced that following the recent destruction of a CONCORD prison transport vessel they were tasked with tracking down the perpetrators and dismantling any infrastructure they may have. After carefully interviewing residents and informants in the Geminate region a connection was found to the Society of Conscious Thought School in FDZ4-A, in [...]

                          Revolutionary Hardpoint Prototypes Open For Bidding

                          • YC109-11-21

                            At a technology demonstration earlier this week, Duvolle Laboratories showcased a revolutionary turret and missile hardpoint to various research and development corporation representatives and members of the media. The new hardware and software combination being pioneered by Duvolle Laboratories was demonstrated live in an impressive display held at their proving ground where four battleships were lined up. Following the displays, in which the weapon systems showed an enormous potential for damage, [...]

                            Core Complexion announces plans for new ship specs

                            • YC109-11-19

                              Yulai - Minmatar research and development firm, Core Complexion Inc, held a press conference today at the CONCORD HQ in Yulai in which they revealed that an extended research project for a new class of ship was nearing completion. When asked by the attending procession of press for specific details Core Complexion declined to release any information on what those ships might be and remained tight-lipped. "The only thing we are willing to disclose at this time is that they will revolutionize small- [...]

                              Entire Colony of Minmatar Slaves Goes Missing

                              • YC109-11-19

                                Sosala, The Bleak Lands - One of the largest slave breeding colonies in the Bleak Lands has mysteriously vanished with little explanation. The colony, established several decades ago on a habitable moon in Sosala, was home to over thirty thousand slaves of varying stock. The facility, which was well guarded, was attacked and destroyed last night, with the entire generation of Minmatar slaves vanishing without a trace. The slave colony existed for the purpose of breeding, raising, and training new [...]

                                Exclusive Interview: Gispali Rhatal

                                • YC109-11-17

                                  In answer to the request for comment from former CONCORD Commander Gispali Rhatal, Mr Rhatal has agreed to an exclusive interview to comment on the web of rumours surrounding his retirement. Caleb Kang reports on this interview, conducted this morning. Caleb Kang: I am here with former CONCORD Commander Gispali Rhatal, a man who has been the focus of a lot of controversy lately. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Mr Rhatal. Commander Rhatal: Thank you, Mr. Kang. Kang: Now, there's been an [...]

                                  Caldari Corporation Announces Major Technological Advance

                                  • YC109-11-15

                                    New Caldari - For the second time in as many weeks, agile technology research firm Itsukame Innovations has thrust itself into the spotlight in the Caldari tech sector. Noted for their recent poaching of high-profile researcher Dr. Grant Arataka from the Lai Dai Corporation, Itsukame made headlines again today with an exciting press release. Hentainnen Suuvosa, spokeswoman for Itsukame Innovations announced today that her corporation had made a major breakthrough in the field of wormhole technology. [...]

                                    Outlook grim for The Bleak Lands

                                    • YC109-11-15

                                      Netsalakka, The Bleak Lands - An official report by the Amarrian Ministry of Assessment yesterday revealed that The Bleak Lands has become the most dangerous sector of settled space in the Amarr Empire, a title previously held by the sparsely-settled region of Aridia. Long known to harbor pockets of Blood Raider loyalists, The Bleak Lands has seen a marked increase in the number of pirate raids in the last several months. In particular, the number of miners and prospectors in space attacked and [...]

                                      Bank of Luminaire Delivers 'Health of the Nation' Report

                                      • YC109-11-14

                                        The Bank of Luminaire yesterday released its much-anticipated report into the economic 'health of the nation', as termed by an ever-growing number of media sources. This report has been much hyped within the Federation by both the media and politicians, drawing much attention to divided opinions on the stability of the nations sustained economic growth. Given the attention lavished on the subject in the run up to publishing the report the extensive analysis of its contents has come as little surprise. [...]

                                        University of Caille to host Physics Summit

                                        • YC109-11-13

                                          Luminaire - Things have grown hectic in the University of Caille's Luminaire campus as the annual Galactic Physics Summit nears. The summit, an annual three-day gathering of the top physicists in the cluster, is being hosted by the University and has traditionally been a rather dry and basic meeting, where top physicists standardize nomenclature for new discoveries, compare notes on low-level experimentation, and hold unofficial think-tanks to present ideas and theories with their peers. However, in [...]

                                          Speculation On Rhatal Retirement Brought To A Close

                                          • YC109-11-12

                                            There have been further developments today regarding the retirement of CONCORD Commander Gispali Rhatal, and his mysteriously blank service record. CONCORD has issued a final statement this morning elaborating on the missing service history, bringing a close to the rampant speculation about former Commander Rhatal’s past occupation within CONCORD. “Close to three years ago, Commander Rhatal was assigned to co-ordinate logistical movements at one of our outposts along the low security boarder between [...]

                                            Respected Researcher Speaks Out

                                            • YC109-11-09

                                              Airkio, Caldari State - Noted astrophysicist and gravitic phenomenologist Dr. Grant Arataka publicly announced that he was leaving the employment of the Lai Dai Corporation last week. While the movement of premier researchers from one corporation to another within the Caldari scientific community is not unheard of, the tenor of Arataka's break with Lai Dai was unusual in that the outspoken engineer called a press conference to draw attention to what he calls "a failing of the megacorporate model." [...]

                                              CONCORD Elaborates On The Rhatal Resignation

                                              • YC109-11-08

                                                A statement, released from CONCORD this morning, has shed some light on the resignation of Commander Gispali Rhatal by stating clearly that his resignation is in actual fact a medical retirement. “The use of the word ‘resignation’ on the internal note appears to have been a clerical error.” reported the statement. “Unfortunately Commander Rhatal’s health has deteriorated in recent months and, on the advice of our staff doctors, his retirement was tendered on the 4th of this month. This has now been [...]

                                                Numerous Gas Clouds discovered in low security space

                                                • YC109-11-06

                                                  AMEVYNC: Scientists working for Poteque Pharmaceuticals have reported the discovery of numerous gas clouds in the constellations of Amevync and Elerelle. Though the exact nature of these gas clouds have not been fully verified, Proteque scientists are performing numerous tests on the clouds, hoping that the clouds will contain high quality gaseous compounds that may allow significant breakthroughs in medical research. "The clouds were found almost by accident," said Tertlaert Auste, spokesperson for [...]