CreoDron Investments Turn Sour?

New Eden News | YC109-11-27

Today saw a surprise development in the continuing speculations over CreoDron's alleged 'financial black hole' recently unearthed in their public accounts. CreoDron today made an unscheduled early loan repayment to the Garoun Investment Bank. This was followed by the first public statement made by CreoDron since the beginning of the affair.

"A substantial repayment has been made to our investors at the Garoun Investment Bank due to the cancellation of a major R&D; project undertaken by this company. The project has regrettably not lived up to expectations and failed to yield the anticipated results. Rather than commit the outstanding funding to the project the CreoDron board of Directors voted to withdraw funding and reimburse our investors to safeguard their money."

Many pundits remain unconvinced by the explanations provided and continue to speculate on a cover-up and trouble brewing at CreoDron. The Garoun Investment Bank has responded to CreoDron demanding a full explanation of what has happened to the research project in which their shareholders had placed their trust.

Initial public response has been mixed, seeing a significant number supporting CreoDron’s move to preserve resources and admit to a setback. Yet a similar number are frustrated with recent developments in the Federal economy, described as ‘disappointing’. A popular recording of the moment depicts one member of the public expressing her views;

“I can’t believe some of the stuff I’ve been hearing, you’d think that when our economy has been as strong as it has been lately our companies would be spending more wisely. We can’t sit back and pretend it will never end!”