University of Caille to host Physics Summit

New Eden News | YC109-11-13

Luminaire - Things have grown hectic in the University of Caille's Luminaire campus as the annual Galactic Physics Summit nears. The summit, an annual three-day gathering of the top physicists in the cluster, is being hosted by the University and has traditionally been a rather dry and basic meeting, where top physicists standardize nomenclature for new discoveries, compare notes on low-level experimentation, and hold unofficial think-tanks to present ideas and theories with their peers.

However, in the past few years it has become famous, among physicists at least, as a place for research scientists to meet venture capitalists who can fund their experiments. Notably, last year's gathering (hosted by the School of Applied Knowledge Todaki Campus), drew several prominent investors in the ship and weapons manufacturing sector. Shortly after the Summit, many of the top researchers and Kaalakiota Corporation jointly announced the founding of Gravitech Corporation.

Though Gravitech Corporation has not yet released any major findings, the major buzz around this year's Summit is that Gravitech will announce the findings their year of research has uncovered. The exact nature of these findings has remained a heavily guarded secret however.

Because many expect the Gravitech announcement to be heavily attended by navy officials, dignitaries, and capsuleers from all four Empires and beyond, the University has had to beef up security at the Summit. "Most of us aren't used to being watched by armed guards," said Professor Liue Gunban, the top astrophysics lecturer for the Royal Amarr Institute.