Entire Colony of Minmatar Slaves Goes Missing

New Eden News | YC109-11-19

Sosala, The Bleak Lands - One of the largest slave breeding colonies in the Bleak Lands has mysteriously vanished with little explanation. The colony, established several decades ago on a habitable moon in Sosala, was home to over thirty thousand slaves of varying stock. The facility, which was well guarded, was attacked and destroyed last night, with the entire generation of Minmatar slaves vanishing without a trace.

The slave colony existed for the purpose of breeding, raising, and training new generations of slaves for the Amarr Empire. The vast majority of the slaves were of Minmatar stock, with many of the lines dating back to the initial invasion of Minmatar space by the Amarr Empire. The size of the colony justified building a significant defensive networks, which had until last night deterred even the largest Blood Raider pirate groups from attempting a raid.

Early this morning, the facility was attacked by an unidentified pirate organization. According to reports, all of the weaponry, training devices, and slave records were removed or destroyed. In addition, a large quantity of Vitoc from the colony's stores is unaccounted for. Most notably, however, nearly thirty thousand Minmatar slaves vanished from the installation. The remainder of the slaves, mostly of Eular and Ni-Kunni heritage, were left behind by the raiders.

Security data was inconclusive, as the camera and sensor devices were electronically jammed and then rapidly eliminated, along with the entirety of the security team. The remaining slaves, though unharmed by the raiders, reported only "shadowy shapes" who "checked if we were Minmatar, then shoved us back inside our quarters when we weren't."

Some Holders believe that this attack, on the heels of increased pirate activity in the region, is further evidence that the Empire needs to send in troops to protect the area. "Our very lifeblood is being drained away," said Holder Lyrvan Kourmos. "Every day these attacks grow worse and worse. If something isn't done soon, all the hard work the Navy put into ejecting the Blood Raiders from the area will be for naught. It will just fall into the hands of a new group of heretics."

Ever since a Navy battlestation in Sosala was destroyed several months ago by a terrorist assault, Holders of the Bleak Lands have been calling for a more robust and visible Navy presence in the area. Instead, they have seen a gradual downscaling of Navy installations. Despite the calls for military action, the Amarr Navy has remained silent on the issue.