Core Complexion announces plans for new ship specs

New Eden News | YC109-11-19

Yulai - Minmatar research and development firm, Core Complexion Inc, held a press conference today at the CONCORD HQ in Yulai in which they revealed that an extended research project for a new class of ship was nearing completion. When asked by the attending procession of press for specific details Core Complexion declined to release any information on what those ships might be and remained tight-lipped. "The only thing we are willing to disclose at this time is that they will revolutionize small-scale, high-mobility engagements."

CONCORD itself was similarly reluctant to share information, though they did reveal that the design documents turned over by Core Complexion were for a "frigate-sized vessel intended to supplement small fleet warfare." This unusual amount of secrecy surrounding the new ship design has raised the ire of many of Core Complexion's competing ship designers in the other empires.

Viziam and Carthum Conglomerate released a joint statement, raising their collective concerns that "the refusal by Core Complexion and CONCORD to turn over vital ship technology is blatantly counter to the treaty signed at Yulai, specifically the article known as Directive Alpha Gamma 12. This is most disturbing and unless this action is undone, it will set a dangerous precedent that will destroy years of scientific cooperation between the four empires, as well as lead to an unbalancing of the peace that exists between us."

Core Complexions, when faced with the charges, responded, "Alpha Gamma 12 does not revoke a company's right to secure its business interests and investments into future advances. We will fully comply with the directive once we have fully tested the technology, secured the proper patents from CONCORD, and insured that our production lines are ready to produce the new ships."

CONCORD itself guardedly agreed with Core Complexions' stance, saying, "At present, we do not believe the designs presented by Core Complexions reveal a completed technology. Once it does, then Directive Alpha Gamma 12 will come into play."

Directive Alpha Gamma 12 is a much-discussed piece of legislation that was added into the Yulai Accords late in the negotiations of the document. Theoretically, the Directive forces new technological developments to be shared equally among all four Empires as soon as a working model of the technology has been developed. Viziam has, in the past, raised objections that, under a strict reading of the directive, CONCORD is required to monitor and report technological advances as soon as they are made, regardless of the existence of a prototype.