Gallente Federation Responds To Plea From Grieving Spouse

New Eden News | YC109-11-22

The Gallente Federation have, earlier this morning, responded positively to a plea for assistance from Gallente citizen Mera Vahlsina regarding her missing partner. This plea was reiterated via the public GalNet after repeated unsuccessful attempts to gain information from CONCORD regarding her partner, Captain Bethol Jan Kozer. Captain Kozer was officially declared missing in action on the 3rd of this month by CONCORD. Frustrated at the lack of progress, and having generated a mix of public sympathy and scorn in her previous GalNet appeals, Ms Vahlsina’s appeal to her government for assistance in gaining information has now been answered. The Gallente Federation statement, issued from the office of the Gallente CONCORD delegation, had this to say.

“Our concern for our citizens has always been a high priority for us. We will seek to resolve this issue via our representatives to the CONCORD Assembly as quickly as possible, and allow Ms Vahlsina the peace of mind and closure she deserves.”

When asked for comment in response to her government’s pledge of assistance, Ms Vahlsina restated her suspicions regarding Commander Rhatal’s retirement.

“There is obviously something more going on here.” She stated strongly. “I simply will not sit down and continue to be ignored while having my intelligence insulted by the likes of bureaucrats and bloated Admirals. Nor will I be patronised by them with former Commander Rhatal as their obvious puppet.”

A statement from CONCORD regarding the Gallente Federation involvement is expected in the coming days.