Gravitech Statement Adds Tension to Upcoming Physics Summit

New Eden News | YC109-11-28

Nonni - Early yesterday morning, Gravitech Inc and parent company Kaalakiota Corporation released a joint statement, revealing the first hints of what is believed to be the culmination of nearly a year of research that is scheduled to be unveiled at the upcoming Physics Summit. The statement is less than a page long and was sent to major shareholders and news outlets only. Despite the brevity, it stated that the first successful testing of Project Cronus had taken place less than 24 hours prior.

The statement, which did not specify what Project Cronus entails, has only served to increase already swelling interest in the annual Physics Summit. Speculation surrounding the anticipated Gravitech announcement has even penetrated the InterGalactic Summit, where there has been some controversy as to the validity of Gravitech's claims. The statement, and its claims of success, may have laid such speculation to rest.

The only clue surrounding the nature of the announcement comes in the closing paragraph of the statement, which claimed "Project Cronus represents the next stage in warfare." This tidbit has removed doubt as to the true nature of Gravitech's research, pointing to it being military equipment.

Several University of Caille faculty members have stated that they are protesting the event unless given clear information about Gravitech's presentation. Professor Hildegard Valentine, a chief researcher in the University's quantum sciences department, has joined with several small groups protesting the event, stating, "This gathering is a closed doors event, where the leading minds in our fields meet to further the realm of physics for the benefit of all. This year it is being reduced to a cheap commercial for the Caldari, who see it as nothing more than a means to focus on themselves and their profits."

Early concerns about security at the Summit have only grown since the protests became vocal, though few expect physics professors to become violent. Instead, concerns have been focused on capsuleer and corporate interests that may try to interrupt the Summit, particularly the Gravitech announcement. Despite numerous offers of security from capsuleer groups, Summit organizers apparently do not take these offers seriously, preferring to rely on traditional security measures for the planet-based Summit.