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Offline stargates activate spontaneously, CONCORD officials issue general travel advisory

  • YC108-11-29

    At just after 02:00 EVT last night, a large number of offline stargates spontaneously came online, opening access to eight previously closed-off regions of space. CONCORD officials have issued a travel advisory intended to dissuade pilots from entering the newly-accessible regions due to “unforeseeable dangers,” but since CONCORD’s jurisdiction does not extend to these regions they have not been able to issue any mandates. Capsuleers are reported to be roaming the new regions already. The regions were [...]

    Khanid Transport Submits Investigation into Kingdom Economic Woes

    • YC108-11-28

      Early this afternoon, Khanid Transport released some of the findings of a three month long investigation into the faltering Khanid economy in a press conference held at their corporate headquarters. The investigation, commissioned by the Khanid government three months ago in response to increasing warning signs regarding the health of the Kingdom’s economy, was headed by Khanid Transport director Isan Anmeal. With the entire report presented to King Khanid and his advisors this morning, Anmeal held a [...]

      Kaalakiota declare Kassigainen IV situation ‘under control’ amid harsh criticism from international parties

      • YC108-11-22

        The Kaalakiota Corporation’s office of public relations released a statement this morning wherein they proclaim the situation at Truiisu Station on Kassigainen IV to be “fully under control.” The statement comes in the wake of steadily-crescendoing voices of condemnation from various international parties over the past week. “The insurgent force has been neutralized as peacefully as was possible under the circumstances,” the statement reads. “A majority of the people on the colony have been [...]

        Bleak Lands Installations Under Attack by Unknown Forces

        • YC108-11-14

          The Bleak Lands region of the Amarr Empire has over the past week played host to a number of attacks perpetrated by forces of unknown size and affiliation. The attacks, mostly targeting independent holder assets and small to mid-sized orbital installations, have in all cases been swift and decisive, usually laying waste to their targets before responding units can be deployed to the scene. Ballistic data from installation wreckage, as well as eyewitness reports from colony attacks, have confirmed that [...]

          Guristas Leader Escapes Security Patrol

          • YC108-11-13

            Late last Monday afternoon a security detachment from the Taladigi Transport & Trading Company tracked down and engaged a prominent Guristas pirate leader, in response to recent attacks on their shipping. Following the loss of a large convoy, which was a major part of a Caldari Navy contract, the previous week TT&T; has made numerous attempts to fulfil the contract using much smaller and faster cargo shipments. However, despite their best efforts, over the course of the week the majority of the [...]

            Xelas face upto Fountain incursions

            • YC108-11-09

              FOUNTAIN - Xelas Alliance were thrust into the firing line of the Band of Brothers versus Ascendant Frontier conflict last fortnight and found themselves facing challenges brought by new enemies and changes to old relationships. However, having endured consistent pressure for some considerable time, claims of their demise appeared premature. Just two days prior to the outbreak of hostilities Xelas was hampered by the loss of over 300 pod-pilots as a breakaway alliance named Horde split from the [...]

              Gallente Aid Convoy Downed In Kassigainen

              • YC108-11-08

                A Gallente Federation aid convoy was shot down in the Kassigainen system yesterday evening by a contingent of capsuleer forces from the Veto corporation. The convoy was carrying food and medical supplies bound for Truiisu Station, a Kaalakiota Corporation-owned mining colony on Kassigainen IV that has over the past two days been the site of fierce rioting. The sudden attack came in the wake of a 30-minute long standoff between the captain of the convoy and forces from the Home Guard, Kaalakiota’s [...]

                Foiritan Pledges To Send Aid Convoy As Truiisu Station Death Toll Mounts

                • YC108-11-07

                  Newly re-elected Gallente President Souro Foiritan has just issued a press release stating his intention to send an aid convoy to Kassigainen IV to assist with what the release terms “a major – and growing – humanitarian crisis.” The release states that the convoy is meant as “a gesture of goodwill, and a hopeful step towards better relations with our neighbors.” Only a few minutes after the announcement, the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel released a statement indicating the situation is “under [...]

                  Dozens Dead In Kassigainen IV Riot

                  • YC108-11-06

                    Rioting erupted this morning at Truiisu Station, a Kassigainen IV mining colony owned by Caldari giant the Kaalakiota Corporation. The exact reasons for the fracas are unclear, but the fighting is reported to have broken out in the wake of an incident where several officers of the Home Guard, Kaalakiota's private police force, allegedly slit the throat of a former colony worker recently laid off by the corporation. Exact numbers of deceased are unavailable at this point, but unconfirmed reports [...]

                    Feednets Disagree on Kassigainen Incident's Causes

                    • YC108-11-06

                      Several Caldari feednets have in the past hour run news claiming that, according to information just received from inside sources at the Kaalakiota Corporation, the ongoing riots at Truiisu Station on Kassigainen IV are the result of "a planned revolt, instigated by double agents from competing corporations." According to the information, the goal of these double agents is "the subversion of the Kaalakiota work force through incitement of anti-corporate ideals." Analysts from other networks have [...]

                      Privy Council Resumes Tetrimon Exile

                      • YC108-11-04

                        Spokespeople for the Privy Council announced a withdrawal of the council’s temporary pardon for members of the cult of Tetrimon on Sunday afternoon; just weeks after the Theology Council disavowed the Tetrimon Scrolls they were investigating. The announcement came shortly after a regular meeting of the Privy Council, the political body composed of the Amarrian heirs and currently leading the empire in the absence of a new emperor. The statement read “After much consideration, due to the fact that [...]

                        Guristas Pirates strike against Caldari Navy convoy.

                        • YC108-11-03

                          OTITOH. Recent unrest in the State shows little sign of letting up, as the Guristas Pirates continue to look for ways to attack Caldari Navy interests. The most recent of attacks centered around a shipment contracted by the Navy, which was subsequently lost and used for bait in what came to be an unsuccessful trap. On the 25th of November, a large convoy owned by the Taladigi Transport & Trading Corporation set out from the New Caldari system bearing a classified shipment for the Caldari Navy. It [...]