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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Jovian Emissary Travels Through Outer Rim Alliances

  • YC106-06-30

    Yesterday evening Jovian Extra-Racial Liaison Misu Baniya made diplomatic visits to three of the alliances which have set up operations in non-CONCORD-policed space in the past months. Reportedly, the emissary has initiated communications with other alliance heads and intends to continue his diplomatic tour today and tomorrow. Baniya, who yesterday met with diplomats from the 3rd Front Alliance, NORAD and the Phoenix Alliance, remained tight-lipped as to his itinerary, claiming that his mobility would [...]

    Ardishapur Heir to Visit Tal-Romon Cathedral

    • YC106-06-30

      Yonis Ardishapur announced that he would be making a personal visit to the new site of the Tal-Romon Cathedral to pay his respects and also to inspect the rebuilding. As one of the preeminent private collectors of ancient artifacts in all of known space, Yonis Ardishapur's opinion could determine the success or failure of Doriam II's relocation effort in the eyes of the general public. No other details of the planned visit were available for security reasons.

      Transfer of sacred Cathedral almost complete despite setbacks

      • YC106-06-28

        Amarrians and other well-wishers of the Empire have in the last few days flocked to Eclipticum to aid in the transportation of the Tal-Romon Cathedral to Amarr Prime. For this massive undertaking, prompted by Emperor Doriam himself, to be feasible the help of Amarrian pilots was needed. Hundreds have responded to this call and lent their hand to make their emperor’s wishes come true. The Imperial Chancellery has overseen the operation and according to them completion is imminent. This is despite [...]

        FIO Strike Raises Civil Liberty Fears

        • YC106-06-27

          Today the Gallente Federation Civil Liberties Union (GFCLU) made a formal statement and petition to the Federation for greater transparency of Federal Intelligence Office (FIO) operations and greater government oversight of the shadowy organization. An excerpt from the statement reads as follows: "While we applaud and support the efforts of the FIO to combat terrorism, we must not let ourselves turn into that which we fight. The FIO's interception of private communications allowed them to thwart this [...]

          Jovian Delegate Revived, Preparing For Diplomatic Journey

          • YC106-06-25

            The Jovian Directorate yesterday issued a statement claiming its Extra-Racial Liaison, Misu Baniya, has undergone molecular reconstruction and is on the road to recovery. The statement also affirmed the Directorate's gratitude towards the dedicated masses of pilots who coordinated their efforts in order to collect the necessary amount of biological material required for the reconstruction. Baniya is expected to begin a diplomatic tour of the galaxy cluster early next week. According to the statement, [...]

            Terrorist Strike Intercepted by Alert Pilots, Federation Forces

            • YC106-06-23

              Last night saw the opening of a new Gallente Frontier Tour Lines resort in the Sharuveil system interrupted by a large strike force of mercenary vessels believed to have been operating under the influence of the UDI organization. The resort, located off the shoulder of Sharuveil VII, sustained significant damage in the attack, but a swift and decisive counterattack by the pilots present at the opening sufficed to dismantle the first wave of mercenaries. UDI reinforcements continued to flood in, [...]

              Jovians to honor collection participants

              • YC106-06-23

                Gyt Quisog, the Jovian official supervising the collection of the body parts of Misu Baniya, announced during a session in the Inner Circle of CONCORD yesterday that enough body parts had been collected for a reconstruction of the unfortunate liaison to be viable. Quisog again thanked all those involved in making this possible; the empires for organizing the collection and pilots everywhere for their enthusiastic contribution. Now that the reconstruction effort is underway, the Jovians feel it’s time [...]

                Pirates undertake large scale mining operations

                • YC106-06-21

                  The major pirate factions are all escalating the manufacturing of ships and armaments, to support their increased activity in the outer regions. Like others they must sustain their industry with a constant supply of minerals. The pirates have obviously taken stock of the common mining practices employed by pilots all over, moving about in large convoys and strip mining asteroid belts under heavy protection. They then use heavy haulers to move the ore back to their stations. Military experts have [...]

                  Tal-Romon Cathedral Begins Its Journey

                  • YC106-06-21

                    Over the past couple of days, the first transports have begun arriving over Amarr Prime, carrying bricks of the Tal-Romon Cathedral from its original site on Eclipticum. Dismantling the ancient cathedral and storing the bricks and relics for transport has taken longer than expected, with the Theology Council insisting on constant inspections to ensure full precautions were taken. First brought into the limelight by Articio Kor-Azor's revelry, the cathedral of the patron saint of adventurers and [...]

                    Federation Seeks Information on Suspected UDI Operatives

                    • YC106-06-21

                      The Federal Intelligence Office in a press release today stated that, according to an order handed down from Office HQ yesterday, the Federation will start giving out cash rewards for information potentially leading to the capture of several suspected UDI agents reported to be operating out of Gallente space. According to the release, any sightings of the following personnel are to be reported immediately to FIO Deputy Director Deverin Gonate: Garenis Toleitaane Honadone Neartavis Kolipon Vaneede [...]

                      Pirate activity surges, DED considers its options

                      • YC106-06-16

                        After many meager months it seems that pirate activity is on the rise again. News agencies are being flooded with reports that pirates, emboldened by recent overhaul in their command structure and new ships, are now operating close to stargates, harassing unsuspecting spacefarers. DED recently warned about this possibility, citing that the confidence of all the major pirate groups are soaring, which naturally results in bolder attacks by them. DED will monitor the situation closely over the next few [...]

                        Who is helping space pirates organizing themselves?

                        • YC106-06-15

                          DED is gravely concerned over recent reports describing drastic reorganization for many pirate factions in the outer regions. The scale and scope of the changes have led many to belief that a hidden party is responsible for them and DED is now launching an all out investigation to identify the culprits and urges anyone with any information bearing on the matter to come forward. The command structure of many of the most infamous pirate factions, such as the Guristas and Sansha’s Nation, has been [...]

                          New frigates in the outer regions a cause for concern

                          • YC106-06-15

                            Several travelers in the outer regions have recently reported spotting new frigates of advanced design in the outer regions, piloted by known brigands. These news tie in with earlier reports by DED that pirate factions are receiving substantial aid from inside the empires, something that has undoubtedly been going on for a considerable time. These new frigates are just the last in what seems to be a concentrated effort to bolster the strength of all the major pirate factions. The impact these new [...]

                            Prisoner Convoy Attacked – Terrorist Operative Believed Dead

                            • YC106-06-14

                              At approximately 18:30 EVT last night, a convoy carrying noted UDI operative Goran Mitelek was attacked in the Ebo system en route to the Avair Theology Council Tribunal. The assailants, a squadron of interceptors and missile frigates flying under EW cruiser support, had apparently entered the system through the Esteban gate, proceeding to ambush the prison convoy with mobile warp disruptors at the gate to Avair. Details of the engagement are sketchy at present, but two Imperial Navy support frigates [...]

                              Amarrians split over body part results

                              • YC106-06-14

                                The news that the Caldari won favor with the Jovians has met with mixed reaction within the Amarr Empire. While the Imperial Chancellor has sent formal congratulations to the Caldari State, thanking them for an honorable competition; the Theology Council has criticized how the competition was configured, claiming it favored the Caldari and the Gallenteans. Uriam Kador has even went so far as saying that he was convinced that the whole thing was rigged from the outset, as everyone knew that the Jovians [...]

                                Foiritan hails Gallentean pilots despite Caldari win

                                • YC106-06-12

                                  President Foiritan was today attending the opening of a new Soar Skate Park in Caille and used the opportunity to salute the hundreds of Gallentean pilots that yesterday participated in gathering body parts for the Federation in a bid to gain favor from the Jovians. Foiritan, although not personally involved with the affair, showed much interest in it from the start and an indication of this was when he listed those pilots most prominent in the collection. “Though everyone who participated must be [...]

                                  Jovians gather body parts from empires

                                  • YC106-06-12

                                    Cloaked Jovian convoys have traveled into empire space and gathered the thousands of body parts that the empires collected yesterday. The Jovians, eager to collect enough parts to be able to reconstruct Misu Baniya, jumped on the offer presented to them by the empires for the latter to organize the collection of the myriad small pieces of Baniya's body. They even encouraged it by promising gifts to those most prominent in collecting pieces of the cadaver and by awarding all pilots of the winning race [...]

                                    Blood Raider leadership under a veil of silence

                                    • YC106-06-04

                                      Leaders of the dreaded Blood Raiders have shielded themselves from the outside world following their mass scale collection of body parts in recent days. Omir Sarikusa has ordered all his top lieutenants to stay with him at his secret hideout deep in Blood Raider space, as the last steps are taken to complete preparations for his scheme involving the body parts. He does this to make sure that no information regarding this scheme leaks out too early. Though the Blood Raiders sustained heavy losses from [...]

                                      Empires to change buyback tactics due to market problems

                                      • YC106-06-03

                                        The empires are hard at work collecting body parts in order to win the favor of the Jovians. According to the latest information, however, scammers are undermining their efforts to buy back body parts through the open market. Due to the scammers it has been all but impossible for the commissioners working for the empires to find customers. This has forced their hands into changing tactics. Thus, after consulting with the SCC and empire representatives at CONCORD, the commissioners have decided to [...]

                                        Imperial Apoc Returned To Amarr Empire Amid Fierce Minmatar Resistance

                                        • YC106-06-01

                                          Last Sunday saw the systems of Kador Prime and Boranai light up in struggle as the Ionstar corporation moved the now-famous Imperial-issue Apocalypse to its home. In a procession described by onlookers as “worthy of the Amarr navy itself,” loyalist paramilitary squads from the Curatores Veritatis Alliance escorted the prize vessel through Amarr space, coming in contact with a massed suicide squad of Minmatar revolutionaries at Kador Prime’s Boranai gate. The next few minutes saw a fiercely fought [...]

                                          Blood Raiders complete body part collection

                                          • YC106-06-01

                                            Omir Sarikusa, leader of the Blood Raiders, has called a halt to the Jovian body part collection he urged his followers upon a few days ago. Despite severe competition with other pilots for the spoils, the Blood Raiders have collected a sizeable portion of the body of the hapless Misu Baniya. Omir Sarikusa has gathered all the parts under his control at his hideout, carefully stored as if for a long journey. Intelligence agencies monitoring the Blood Raiders have reported that many of Sarikusa’s top [...]