New frigates in the outer regions a cause for concern

New Eden News | YC106-06-15

Several travelers in the outer regions have recently reported spotting new frigates of advanced design in the outer regions, piloted by known brigands. These news tie in with earlier reports by DED that pirate factions are receiving substantial aid from inside the empires, something that has undoubtedly been going on for a considerable time. These new frigates are just the last in what seems to be a concentrated effort to bolster the strength of all the major pirate factions.

The impact these new frigates will have is still to be determined but travelers in unsafe space are urged to show even more caution than before, as more audacious pirate activity is the likely outcome. On the other hand, the increased wealth of pirates may be a blessing in disguise for some as the pirates themselves are undoubtedly now a more lucrative target for those bold enough to confront them.