Blood Raiders complete body part collection

New Eden News | YC106-06-01

Omir Sarikusa, leader of the Blood Raiders, has called a halt to the Jovian body part collection he urged his followers upon a few days ago. Despite severe competition with other pilots for the spoils, the Blood Raiders have collected a sizeable portion of the body of the hapless Misu Baniya. Omir Sarikusa has gathered all the parts under his control at his hideout, carefully stored as if for a long journey. Intelligence agencies monitoring the Blood Raiders have reported that many of Sarikusa’s top lieutenants have assembled in their most powerful vessels at the hideout, their cargo holds stuffed full with valuable items.

CONCORD estimates that the Blood Raiders lost several hundred vessels over the last few days, forcing them now to lay low and lick their wounds. The frenzied body part harvesting may be over, with Blood Raider space returning back to normal, but something is brewing under the surface for sure. Something worth sacrificing hundreds of ships for.