Jovians gather body parts from empires

New Eden News | YC106-06-12

Cloaked Jovian convoys have traveled into empire space and gathered the thousands of body parts that the empires collected yesterday. The Jovians, eager to collect enough parts to be able to reconstruct Misu Baniya, jumped on the offer presented to them by the empires for the latter to organize the collection of the myriad small pieces of Baniya's body. They even encouraged it by promising gifts to those most prominent in collecting pieces of the cadaver and by awarding all pilots of the winning race a favorable standing with the Jove Empire.

The response to the body part collection efforts was immense, with thousands of pieces turned in, some for cash, others as donations in an effort to become the victorious race. The Jovian Gyt Quisog headed the Jovian fleet that picked up the frozen body parts of Misu Baniya from the empires. "Most of the parts are in good condition," he explains. "Though many have become contaminated or corrupted. But we should be able to fix that." Quisog continued by saying that all the races had done well, each turning in several thousand pieces. "The outcome is much better than we hoped for. Now we go home and start doing what needs to be done."

When asked for what race will receive the coveted Jovian favor he replied. "As I said before, all the races were outstanding. But there was one race that outran even its own reputation for ruthless efficiency and that was the Caldari State. On behalf of the Jove Empire I congratulate them and look forward to future relations with them. As for awarding individuals for outstanding contribution, these will be dealt with in a couple of weeks."