Imperial Apoc Returned To Amarr Empire Amid Fierce Minmatar Resistance

New Eden News | YC106-06-01

Last Sunday saw the systems of Kador Prime and Boranai light up in struggle as the Ionstar corporation moved the now-famous Imperial-issue Apocalypse to its home. In a procession described by onlookers as “worthy of the Amarr navy itself,” loyalist paramilitary squads from the Curatores Veritatis Alliance escorted the prize vessel through Amarr space, coming in contact with a massed suicide squad of Minmatar revolutionaries at Kador Prime’s Boranai gate.

The next few minutes saw a fiercely fought pitched battle between dozens of Minmatar frigates and Amarr battleships, the Imperial Apocalypse’s shields taking blow after blow from the hail of Minmatar cruise missiles but ultimately holding up through the efforts of its brave pilot and dedicated team of shield-transferring support ships. Scope correspondent Helaata Avril, present at the Boranai gate at time of battle, said the scene had been “one of such incredible carnage I doubt the galaxy’s seen anything like it since the Gallente-Caldari war.” Over eighty starships were reportedly destroyed in the battle’s short time span, and amid the showers of fire and metal the Imperial Apocalypse managed to escape unscathed.

Arriving at Amarr, the procession was greeted by Amarr Navy Chief of Staff Ravin Mehnih, who, after a speech declaring the Empire’s gratitude towards the Ionstar Corporation, formally accepted the Apocalypse and, on behalf of the Imperial Chancellor, awarded the prestigious Cross of the Sacred Throne to Ionstar pilot Clone 0, who navigated the vessel on the dangerous journey, and PIE fleet commander and CEO Golan Trevize, who oversaw the escort operation.

The Amarr Empire has officially declared the Ionstar corporation to be friends of the Empire, and wishes it to be known that their loyalty and devotion to their Emperor will not be forgotten.