Terrorist Strike Intercepted by Alert Pilots, Federation Forces

New Eden News | YC106-06-23

Last night saw the opening of a new Gallente Frontier Tour Lines resort in the Sharuveil system interrupted by a large strike force of mercenary vessels believed to have been operating under the influence of the UDI organization.
The resort, located off the shoulder of Sharuveil VII, sustained significant damage in the attack, but a swift and decisive counterattack by the pilots present at the opening sufficed to dismantle the first wave of mercenaries. UDI reinforcements continued to flood in, however, and before long the area was a battle zone.

Only a few minutes into the struggle, six capsule-fitted FIO task force battleships arrived on the scene, proceeding to engage UDI forces with extreme prejudice. According to witnesses, their arrival dramatically shifted the tide of battle, resulting, in the space of only a few minutes, in the complete decimation of assembled UDI forces.

“Although considerable damage was done to our new station, we were able to continue the opening by sealing off those damaged parts of the resort,” says Devalon Haratel, CEO and founder of Gallente Frontier Tour Lines. “I would like to give my special thanks to the pilots that assisted in defending our new resort, especially those who lost their ships in their valiant effort.”

“I would of course also give my full appreciation to President Foiritan. Without the quick thinking of his men, lives may have been lost. To my mind, the FIO proved today that while we may not see a whole lot of what they do, they’re definitely working in the interest of the Federation and its members.”

According to an unconfirmed source, FIO agents had a few hours previous to the attack managed to intercept and decode private transmissions between high-ranking UDI personnel, thus learning of the imminent strike. Federation news broadcasts are already hailing the incident as a victory for the Gallente, but despite positive public opinion government and agency officials have remained tight-lipped, commenting only in the barest terms. Federal Press Secretary Thuire Dercoucon, on behalf of the President, had this to say:

“The attack, and the information obtained in its wake, has given us new leads to pursue in bringing the perpetrators of crimes like these to justice.”

Refusing to field any further inquiries, the secretary shortly afterward took his leave of the press conference.

Many believe the attack was an attempt on the part of the UDI to, as senior analyst Brill Stone puts it, “underscore and analogize Elarel,” the massacre of two months ago – a fleet strike which killed thousands of people, among them hundreds of known and loved Gallente holoreel stars.

Added Stone, “They’re letting us know that they’re still out there, that they know what they’re doing, and that we should be afraid. We can only hope we’ve let them know something in return.”