New Eden News

The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

CONCORD Issues Travel Advisory

  • YC105-08-27

    In a statement from Admiral Baryn today, CONCORD issued an emergency travel advisory for the Jakemhih and Kashag constellations, Domain region. "A large number of unprovoked pirate attacks have been reported in those systems," Baryn said. "The identities of the attackers remains unconfirmed, but in all cases the attacks were swift, merciless, and with superior firepower." CONCORD warns that any pilots in the area may be putting themselves at risk.

    Yong Residents Report Conflict

    • YC105-08-27

      Colony residents of the icy planet Yong III reported a great battle in the skies, Sunday. Tracking systems identified many ships, of varied make - several of which were appearantly destroyed. Debris rained down upon the nearby planet in a firey astronomical display, reportedly damaging a wasteland relay station. No casualties were reported. The identities of the pilots involved is still unknown, but rumors abound about a connection to the pirate activity in the region.

      Stargates into Uemisaisen malfunctioning!

      • YC105-08-25

        Stargates into Uemisaisen have been malfunctioning and leaving travellers stuck without sensors and control of their ships. You are advised to stay out of the system until further notice.

        Amarrian merchants experience unexpected trade boost

        • YC105-08-13

          SEC trade analysts have reported curiously high levels of trade, particularly in the Kashag constellation, Domain region. Several suppliers of electronics, machinery and tactical weapons in the region have reported their stockpiles exhausted. "With the increased threat of armed conflict of late, traffic in arms is to be expected," said Senior Analyst Brill Stone. "But this is well beyond that."

          Dispute over BP ownership

          • YC105-08-13

            A dispute has arisen between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State on one hand and the Jovians on the other. In exchange for Jovian assistance in the construction of the massive research facilities in the Crielere system the Jovians received a number of blueprints, including an original miner II BP. The Federation and the State are furious that some of these blueprints got into circulation following the Ouria fiasco and are accusing the Jovians of incompetence, and even deliberate sabotage of [...]

            EVE heaves a collective sigh of relief as the threat of Ouria is ended

            • YC105-08-12

              News filtering out of the border zones close to Stain that Ouria and his gang have been decisively defeated have been met with joy and relief by the civilized world. The reports are a bit sketchy, but from what can be gathered it seems Ouria and five of his fellow Jovians, flying Eidolon battleships, hooked up with the known Minmatar terrorist organization Oracle close to Stain. 18 Oracle members flying cruisers joined forces with the Jovians. A task force consisting mainly of members of the Stain [...]

              Ouria and his henchmen spotted again!

              • YC105-08-12

                Just when people thought he had disappeared forever, the Jovian renegade Ouria rears his ugly head yet again. Reliable sources indicate that Ouria, his gang and unidentified allies are on the move close to the Stain region and will be in the border zones adjacent to it at 17:00 GMT. CONCORD has already issued a general warning to all travelers in the area to take extra caution. Speculations are ripe that Ouria intends to block all access to the Stain region by setting up base in the border areas outside it.

                Amarr official assassinated in Chaven system!

                • YC105-08-11

                  A shocking event took place today in the Chaven system when a group of foolhardy Minmatar rebels ambushed and killed the Amarr ambassador to the Ammatars. The official was carrying top-secret documents intended for the Ammatar Consulate. This latest development in the escalating hostilities between the Amarrians and the Minmatars is the most serious incident to date and is sure to bring harsh repercussions. The Minmatar Republic has already released a statement deploring the raid, while denying any [...]

                  Amarr officials in discussions with the Ammatar Consulate

                  • YC105-08-11

                    A high ranking Amarr official is expected to arrive in Ammatar space later today carrying plans for an Ammatar offensive against the Minmatars. This is the first indication that the Amarrians are taking steps to respond against the increasing Minmatar incursions into their space. While the details of the plans are not known it is expected that they involve information about known Minmatar rebels, their bases and defences. In the hands of the warlike Ammatars this information might deal a heavy blow to [...]

                    Ouria and his renegade rabble run into hiding

                    • YC105-08-11

                      The attempts made by Ouria and his Jovian followers to set up a base in the Stain region failed yesterday after a long and sustained conflict with the natives. It is believed the fierce opposition took Ouria and his gang by total surprise, which caused them to lose several ships and Jovian lives before they could strategically redeploy. Also lost in the attacks was some of the valuable tech that Ouria had taken with him from Jovian space. The gang finally managed to slip away from their assailants and [...]

                      Jovian admiral Ouria known to have the Jovian disease

                      • YC105-08-10

                        After research by the Jovian elders into recent crimes committed towards other races by their beloved admiral Ouria they have come to the conclusion that Ouria has become infected by the Jovian disease. The Jovian directorate has from this moment put Ouria into exile. Being cunning, Ouria knew that his brothers would find about his infection and had already started planning his escape from Jovian space. Ouria and nine of his brothers, all known to be high ranked officers within the Jovian Navy that [...]

                        Viral epidemic spreads- Hjortur declared no-fly zone

                        • YC105-08-09

                          This just in: Rumours of a viral epidemic have been coming from the Hjortur system over the last few days, and earlier tonight the Minmatar Republic Security Council ordered the system closed and all travellers detained for quarantine and mandatory inspection. Pilots in the Metropolis region have been warned to stay out of the Hjortur system, as crossing into the system via jumpgate will result in immediate webification and detainment by The Minmatar Republic Fleet and Minmatar Health Board officials. [...]

                          CONCORD warns about a Jovian admiral

                          • YC105-08-08

                            In light of recent events in the FDZ4-A system CONCORD has released a statement regarding the destruction of an Amarr vessel in the encounter. The perpetrator in the attack was the Jovian admiral Ouria, an old warhorse from the Jove-Amarr war and a hero to most Jovians. Ouria is well-known by CONCORD for his aggressive and demeaning attitude towards other races and has been known to attack them with little or no provocation. CONCORD has put the bounty on Ouria's head at 100 million isk, but while he [...]

                            Secret meeting with Jove delegates in FDZ4-A

                            • YC105-08-08

                              Only a few hours ago representatives from two corporations met with a heavily armed Jovian delegation in the FDZ4-A system. The identity of the two representatives remains hidden, as is the purpose for the meeting. It is speculated that some kind of a trade took place, the nature of which is unknown, though speculations are ripe. To uphold the secrecy of the meeting the Jovians were unwilling to do business until the surrounding area had been cleared of all but those participating in the discussion. [...]

                              Corporations announce record annual earnings

                              • YC105-08-08

                                In recent weeks many of the largest corporations in EVE have held their annual shareholder meetings, where the report for last fiscal year have been published. All the major corporations increased their profit considerably last year and many had record earnings. This is the clearest indication yet of what many experts have been saying for some time now: that we're living in Golden Age of unequivocal progress and prosperity. Most people expect the economy to only get larger this next year, driven [...]

                                Jovian rogue on the run after violating laws

                                • YC105-08-07

                                  A Jovian renegade, suspected to be in the early stages of the Jovian Disease, is on the run after he violated the non-interference law imposed by the Jovian directorate. The renegade gave away a hi-tech item to a person not an agent of the Jovian Empire. The directorate has already sentenced the rogue to the heaviest punishment possible, that of recycling his DNA upon capture. This is equivalent to removing the soul of a non-Jovian. It is also believed that the directorate is contemplating negating [...]

                                  Peace-prize award sparks murder and mayhem

                                  • YC105-08-07

                                    The controversy over the recent Aidonis award continues as news of increase in Minmatar rebel activity has started flowing in. Amarr and Minmatar authorities have expressed concern over this development, which is believed to have been sparked directly by awarding the Amarr Emperor the coveted peace-prize. Minmatar rebels fighting to free people enslaved by the Amarrians feel this is a harsh message that goes close to condoning slavery. Their response has been to send dozens of raids into Amarr space [...]

                                    Pirates gathering strength in outer regions

                                    • YC105-08-05

                                      After the forces of the empires started focusing solely on their own territories, criminal elements in regions out of empire reach have gathered momentum that is making life increasingly difficult for casual travelers. Large gangs of bandits are now much more frequent and they have found stargates to be an especially good hunting ground. CONCORD would like to advice space farers to take great care when traveling outside empire jurisdiction and considers such travels only safe when in numbers and [...]