Amarr official assassinated in Chaven system!

New Eden News | YC105-08-11

A shocking event took place today in the Chaven system when a group of foolhardy Minmatar rebels ambushed and killed the Amarr ambassador to the Ammatars. The official was carrying top-secret documents intended for the Ammatar Consulate. This latest development in the escalating hostilities between the Amarrians and the Minmatars is the most serious incident to date and is sure to bring harsh repercussions. The Minmatar Republic has already released a statement deploring the raid, while denying any knowledge of it. Exasperated Amarr officials have gone on record to state that the inability of the Republic in curbing the rebels was inexcusable and they implied that the Republic was just as responsible as the rebels themselves. The attack itself was carried out in a stunning dare and the name of the rebel responsible for podding the Amarr official is believed to be Aran'gar. Apart from the Amarr official there are no firm reports about further death or destruction in the ambush, though it is believed some Minmatar vessels were destroyed, including one battleship, thanks to the valiant efforts of Ðiscorporation, which rushed to the rescue of the Amarr official. Even if his efforts where in vain the Imperial Chamberlain says he mentioned his name to the Emperor, who is very thankful for his heroic acts.