Jovian admiral Ouria known to have the Jovian disease

New Eden News | YC105-08-10

After research by the Jovian elders into recent crimes committed towards other races by their beloved admiral Ouria they have come to the conclusion that Ouria has become infected by the Jovian disease. The Jovian directorate has from this moment put Ouria into exile. Being cunning, Ouria knew that his brothers would find about his infection and had already started planning his escape from Jovian space. Ouria and nine of his brothers, all known to be high ranked officers within the Jovian Navy that have fought with him since the old war against the Amarr empire, are known to have set up bases deep inside the Stain region. The Jovian directorate also admits that the exiles have stolen some blueprints from their labs. CONCORD had already placed a bounty of 100 million ISK on Ouria's head and after the public announcement from the Jovian directorate they have added 10 million ISK on the heads of his brothers. They should be listed as bounties at all stations later today. CONCORD also warns about fighting Ouria and his brothers because of advanced technology they have and that fights against them could last for days.