Ouria and his renegade rabble run into hiding

New Eden News | YC105-08-11

The attempts made by Ouria and his Jovian followers to set up a base in the Stain region failed yesterday after a long and sustained conflict with the natives. It is believed the fierce opposition took Ouria and his gang by total surprise, which caused them to lose several ships and Jovian lives before they could strategically redeploy. Also lost in the attacks was some of the valuable tech that Ouria had taken with him from Jovian space. The gang finally managed to slip away from their assailants and go into hiding. According to intelligence officials the gang will probably remain in hiding while it licks its wounds and reorganizes itself, but they might be spotted again in a day or two. In related news intelligence sources also indicate that Ouria may be dealing with an unknown group that shares his fanatical believes and his hatred of the Amarrians. It may very well be that he is laying low until this alliance is sealed and then he may appear again stronger than ever. The Jovian directorate has cut of all ties with Ouria and his group and lament the fate of their agent Veniel, tragically shot down while monitoring the situation in the Stain region. He has now been cloned, but the experience will probably scar him for life.