CONCORD warns about a Jovian admiral

New Eden News | YC105-08-08

In light of recent events in the FDZ4-A system CONCORD has released a statement regarding the destruction of an Amarr vessel in the encounter. The perpetrator in the attack was the Jovian admiral Ouria, an old warhorse from the Jove-Amarr war and a hero to most Jovians. Ouria is well-known by CONCORD for his aggressive and demeaning attitude towards other races and has been known to attack them with little or no provocation. CONCORD has put the bounty on Ouria's head at 100 million isk, but while he is under the protection of the Jovian directorate he will be difficult to catch. CONCORD has already sent stern protests to the Jovians regarding Ouria's behavior in the FDZ4-A system, reminding them that there are international treaties against such acts. No official reply has yet arrived from the Jovians, though an unnamed source within the directorate regarded the incident as not serious and placed the fault solely on the shoulder of the Amarrian.