EVE heaves a collective sigh of relief as the threat of Ouria is ended

New Eden News | YC105-08-12

News filtering out of the border zones close to Stain that Ouria and his gang have been decisively defeated have been met with joy and relief by the civilized world. The reports are a bit sketchy, but from what can be gathered it seems Ouria and five of his fellow Jovians, flying Eidolon battleships, hooked up with the known Minmatar terrorist organization Oracle close to Stain. 18 Oracle members flying cruisers joined forces with the Jovians. A task force consisting mainly of members of the Stain Alliance met the Ouria and his friends in DSS-EZ system. The task force consisted of 15-20 battleships and 15-20 cruisers. The battle raged for awhile and when the smoke cleared all the Jovian ships as well as all the Oracle cruisers were smoldering rubble. It is believed the task force lost less than 10 ships in total.