Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

KenZoku Retreat; Bloodraider Territories Conquered by GoonSwarm

  • YC111-06-28

    <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> 49-U6U, Querious - Following months of fighting, Delve War II (as it was known) has come to an end. SirMolle ordered a KenZoku retreat on the 16th June, abandoning its remaining systems and control towers in Delve and Querious and withdrawing, leaving the wealthy territories to GoonSwarm. The last KenZoku sovereign system, KY-I1L fell on the 18th, and sovereignty in the hotly fought-over system of 49-U6U was [...]

    Dynasty Banking Database Exposed - Teller Operations Disrupted

    • YC111-06-28

      Metropolis, Hek - Dynasty Banking [DB] may never recover from the security flaw that completely shut down teller activities earlier this month, sources within the bank confirmed. On June 14th, a critical vulnerability exposed Dynasty Banking's entire database for several hours. Given the nature of the vulnerability, the entire set of data was considered tainted and subsequently removed by [DB] technicians. An anonymous source described the severity of the situation using these words: "Account [...]

      Hellcats: The Yarr Side Of New Eden's Female Capsuleers

      • YC111-06-25

        New Eden, Metropolis - Over the last year, a close-knit group of female capsuleers known as Hellcats has managed to carve its own ground among New Eden's outlaws. Hellcats are pirate pilots specializing in small roaming fleets and opportunity kills. Despite claiming they can gather fans even among their surprised victims, Hellcats receive no mercy because of their gender. Venom Orchid vividly describes the crude reality of her choosen profession: "We are all equal. In space, we all scream when our pod [...]

        Ethereal Dawn Loses Titan to a The Initiative Sub-Capital Fleet

        • YC111-06-24

          F9-FUV- Early this month, in what Ethereal Dawn [ED] titan pilot Killercorp of Bestpath Inc.[BPINC] describes as a "masterful piece of tactical work", a roaming The Initiative. [INIT.], gang successfully ambushed and destroyed his Erebus-class titan. The [INIT.] gang which numbered approximately sixty ships, sent a scouting force including a Helios-class covert operations frigate, into the F9-FUV system wherein two titans, an Erebus-class and Avatar-class were deployed and waiting to engage the bulk [...]

          Failed Coup Within Red Alliance Leads To Loss of Home System

          • YC111-06-24

            <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Insmother, C-J6MT - Red Alliance's [RA] home system has fallen into Atlas hands as internal strife comes to a head. The capture came after a failed coup inside [RA]'s leadership caused a sovereignty loss in several capital constellations around Insmother. Aware of their opponent's difficulties, Atlas and allied forces exploited the confusion by launching a suprise attack deep inside Red Alliance's core [...]

            Triumvirate fights for moons in Pure Blind

            • YC111-06-23

              <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> GA-P6C, Pure Blind - Triumvirate. successfully unleashed doomsday fire on over 100 hostile battleships last Monday. The usage of two Titans turned the tide for the combined force of Mostly Harmless and Tau Ceti Federation. According to iNZi of Triumvirate., the battle commenced after approximately 100 hostile capitals started to reinforce two Triumvirate. moon-mining towers in GA-P6C. Triumvirate. immediately [...]

              Pod Pilot Generosity Alive and Well in Arnon

              • YC111-06-19

                Arnon - When a friend of Maruu Navorra, of Superior Mining and Logistics [HMMR], decided to retire from capsuleering, he gave Maruu an unexpected gift; three thousand assorted ships. As he had no immediate use for so many hulls, he could have sold them for a tidy profit. Instead, he decided to give back to the community of New Eden by donating almost all of them. As he tells us, "well, I was feeling kind of generous, so I felt people could use the ships more than I could." After filling his Orca class [...]

                BREAKING NEWS: Red Alliance To Decide Its Future - Talks Under Way

                • YC111-06-19

                  C-J6MT, Insmother - Political clashes within Red Alliance [RA] may bring the Detorid/Insmother war to an abrupt end. Talks are under way to decide whether RA will continue to defend Insmother or retreat to safer havens. Reports indicate a shift in leadership as the cause of political unrest inside the alliance. UaxDeath of Legions of xXDEATHXx described the atmosphere during the talks: "It's like a nuclear strike ... CEO got kicked out!" According to White Aero of Atlas, rumors of Red Alliance's [...]

                  BREAKING NEWS: Red Alliance Withdrawing From Etherium Reach

                  • YC111-06-19

                    R-6KYM - Information has surfaced out of Etherium Reach that a temporary non-agression pact between the so-called Ethereal Crossing Coalition (comprising Ethereal Dawn [ED] and Intrepid Crossing [IRC]) and Red Alliance [RED]. Unconfirmed reports allege that RED are undergoing some form of drastic restructuring or are even suffering some form of directorial sabotage, but Red Alliance leadership is refusing to comment on these matters at this moment in time. Ralian Gelain of Best Path Inc. is the [...]

                    Atlas And Allies Continue Advance Into Red Alliance Space

                    • YC111-06-19

                      Insmother, 5C-RPA - Red Alliance's [RA] sovereign space has come under fire on several fronts. Capsuleers from Atlas, Veritas Immortalis, Cult of War, Aggression and Sc0rched Earth are now pushing inside southern Insmother while Ethereal Dawn and Intreprid Crossing are applying pressure from the north and the west. The 5C-RPA system in Insmother has already fallen under Atlas control, while fighting in Etherium Reach appears to be localized around RV-GA8, TP-RTO and surrounding systems. BAPP of Red [...]

                      Two Dozen Doomsdays Fired in Querious

                      • YC111-06-18

                        49-U6U, Querious - GoonSwarm and their allies deployed a camp on KenZoku's sole remaining outpost last night. A joint force of pilots from Pandemic Legion, GoonSwarm, Morsus Mihi, Razor Alliance and KIA deployed 27 titans around the station in a show of force and gave a demonstration of the sheer power embodied in such a gang. Querious has been the scene of heavy fighting since GoonSwarm launched their invasion of the region hot on the heels of their agent disbanding the official alliance registration [...]

                        Legion of xXDEATHXx Titan Downed

                        • YC111-06-10

                          Scalding Pass - On Monday 08.06.111, a Legion of xXDEATHXx [XIX] Titan was downed by Atlas capsuleers working in concert with pilots from Krautbreak, Minor Threat and Cult of War, collectively known as "Curse Coaliton." The kill occurred after several hours of heated battle during which both fleets tried to gain tactical control of the 1V-LI2 solar system, official reports confirmed. The contested space represents an important logistics node for [XIX] and a thorough defence had been planned: [XIX] [...]

                          EBank CEO Removed In Bid To Preserve Public Confidence

                          • YC111-06-10

                            Jel - In a stunning move the board of EBank has announced the immediate removal of their current CEO, EBANK Ricdic. In a statement released not long ago they revealed he was being removed "for misconduct that can damage public confidence in EBANK". The decision was reached after an "impromptu meeting" by the board, at which EBANK Athre was promoted to fill in as CEO on an interim basis until a more permanent solution could be agreed. This process was part of a contingency plan that had previously been [...]

                            Caravanserai Organized in Molden Heath

                            • YC111-06-09

                              Altbrard, Molden Heath - A follow-up to the "caravanserai" gathering that was organized by Smagd of Encina Technologies in Namtz' aar K'in alliance may be scheduled soon. The last gathering - a blend of trade show and celebration - took place in Teonsude, Molden Heath on 14.04.111 and was hailed as a moderate success with great potential for expansion. Though a pilot, Smagd works and lives as a member of the nomadic Minmatar Thukker tribe alongside his own corporate affiliations. The word [...]

                              The Initiative. Resumes Hostilities in Etherium Reach

                              • YC111-06-08

                                Etherium Reach - The Initiative [INIT.] which had previously withdrawn from the drone regions conflict has re-entered the fray, sending roaming fleets to engage targets of opportunity amongst the Ethereal Crossing Coalition (Ethereal Dawn [ED] and Intrepid Crossing [IRC]). Having initially withdrawn for strategic reasons after SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] began engaging INIT. and Majesta Empire [ME] forces in DYPL-6, The Initiative. is now fully re-engaged in the fighting. However, INIT. is refraining from [...]

                                Sc0rched Earth Resets Standings And Allegedly Joins Atlas

                                • YC111-06-08

                                  F-EM4Q, Wicked Creek - Sc0rched Earth [BYRN] diplomats recently announced a complete standing reset. Within a few hours of the public announcement, a joint strike force comprised of [BYRN] and Atlas capsuleers was reported attacking Tau Ceti Federation's [TCF] sovereign space. During the clash in Q-GQHN and F-EM4Q solarsystems, several Tau Ceti Federation starbases were destroyed and station services damaged. Amerame of Tau Ceti Federation confirmed their assets have come under fire and expressed his [...]

                                  Internal Strife Divides Imperial Republic of the North

                                  • YC111-06-07

                                    PURE BLIND - Over half of Imperial Republic of the North's [IRON] membership has abandoned the alliance over the past week. Additionally, [IRON] sovereignty in Pure Blind continues to fall leaving large numbers of lucrative moons open for the taking as a power vacuum develops in the region. While rumors have swirled for the past week on capsuleer discussion boards, [IRON] and fellow NC members continued to state that the leadership was simply trimming the fat. It was not until early this morning that [...]

                                    Atlas Continues Advance into Detorid

                                    • YC111-06-06

                                      New Eden, Detorid - A week into their assault on Detorid region residents, Atlas capsuleers continue moving deeper into the region as defenders scramble to slow the advance. Jenden, of Legions of xXDEATHXx, is confident in their ability to hold the region: "We still hold the most of the key points in Detorid... as [long] as we have our key points under control losing a system or two is [not a problem]." Atlas has also begun attacks on Red Alliance's rear lines, forcing them into a two front war. [...]

                                      Sabres Rattle in Geminate - Double DD Ensues

                                      • YC111-06-05

                                        K25-XD, GEMINATE - Solar Fleet [SOLAR] unleashed multiple doomsday devices at 21:21 today on a 240 man starbase defense fleet composed of Wildly Inappropriate [WI], The Initiative [INIT.], and Majesta Empire [ME]. Sources indicate Mostly Harmless [MH] was also enroute to assist but was forced to burn home after receiving reports of a Triumvirate [TRI] attack in progress. According to initial reports the double doomsday was largely ineffective and resulted in a significant number of friendly fire [...]

                                        Caldari Militia Seize Last Remaining Gallente Militia Stronghold

                                        • YC111-06-05

                                          The Caldari Militia have taken the last remaining system controlled by their Gallentean foes. Mercomesier fell last Sunday following a coordinated attack on the system's control bunker by members of The 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit, Space Perverts, The Cadre, and the State Protectorate. The recent Caldari victory was the last in a series of successes that week, with the militia managing to secure occupancy over three other systems. Hussain, a member of the Gallente militia who was in Mercomesier on [...]

                                          War for the North Continues as Reinforcements Join Both Sides

                                          • YC111-06-04

                                            Northern New Eden - Forces on both sides of the Triumvirate [TRI] and NC conflict have recently expanded their ranks with fresh alliances eager to join the quickly escalating war. Red.Overlord [R.O.L], Ev0ke [EV0KE], and Huzzah Federation [HF] have aligned with [TRI] while NC member Mostly Harmless [-42-] recently absorbed into their ranks long time ally Avarice [FAIL] along with several hundred members from Dara Cothrom [DACO]. Both [FAIL] and [DACO] were major space-holders in the Cloud Ring region [...]

                                            War Continues In Etherium Reach

                                            • YC111-06-03

                                              3H58-R, Etherium Reach - Fighting between the Ethereal Crossing Coalition (Ethereal Dawn [ED] / Intrepid Crossing [IRC]) and the Red Alliance [RED] and allies continues unabated throughout the region. With Red Alliance currently holding half of Ethereal Dawn's four stations in the 6TT8-Z constellation, or "the loop" as local residents refer to it, the outcome of this war remains uncertain. Both sides are committed to a fight until the end; there will be no surrender, no compromise. While there has [...]

                                              United Legion Evicted From Immensea

                                              • YC111-06-02

                                                New Eden, Immensea - A coalition comprised of Aggression. [AGGRO] and Atlas [ATLAS] alliances have recently evicted United Legion [UNL] from most of their sovereign holdings in the Immensea region, diplomatic sources have confirmed. The takeover took no more than two weeks, with [AGGRO] capsuleers pressing [UNL] from the north of Immensea while Atlas locked down the south: "It worked as hoped and [UNL had to] split fleets or couldn't reinforce themselves, as [operations] were going on in two different [...]