BREAKING NEWS: Red Alliance Withdrawing From Etherium Reach

R-6KYM - Information has surfaced out of Etherium Reach that a temporary non-agression pact between the so-called Ethereal Crossing Coalition (comprising Ethereal Dawn [ED] and Intrepid Crossing [IRC]) and Red Alliance [RED]. Unconfirmed reports allege that RED are undergoing some form of drastic restructuring or are even suffering some form of directorial sabotage, but Red Alliance leadership is refusing to comment on these matters at this moment in time.

Ralian Gelain of Best Path Inc. is the alliance head of Ethereal Dawn. He confirmed that there is a "temporary non-aggression pact so that they [RED] may remove their assets from our space." Ralian could not confirm rumors that there was in fact a shakeup in RED leadership, saying only that he had "much respect for our enemies and respect for our allies and alliance mates that have stuck out a tough situation."

In the last three weeks, Red Alliance has gained and held sovereignty in multiple systems in Etherium Reach, Scalding Pass and Insmother, but is beset by multiple enemies on all sides. Forthcoming reports from the Interstellar Correspondents will look into how the withdrawal will affect sovereignty in the region and how Red Alliance's current situation will impact its other wars.

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