Caldari Militia Seize Last Remaining Gallente Militia Stronghold

The Caldari Militia have taken the last remaining system controlled by their Gallentean foes. Mercomesier fell last Sunday following a coordinated attack on the system's control bunker by members of The 22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit, Space Perverts, The Cadre, and the State Protectorate.

The recent Caldari victory was the last in a series of successes that week, with the militia managing to secure occupancy over three other systems. Hussain, a member of the Gallente militia who was in Mercomesier on Sunday, believes "members in the militia had given up on our systems some time ago. The militia wants to fight but don't really have goals other than the next kill."The system's control bunker

According to Olzi, a member of the Caldari militia, the reasons for their dominance simply came down to "the willingness to live in lowsec, instead of basing from hisec. When you live in hisec, pirates and the opposing militia members will make it extremely difficult to pass through those bottleneck systems." In addition, "the coordination between the Caldari corporations has also been pretty efficient. Very early we decided which corporations would base from which constellations, and this way keep their own systems secure."

Stonercoco, an employee of a corporation which is loosely allied with the Gallente Militia, thinks they will have to struggle to make a comeback: "... nearly all of their defeats have been painful. every system the caldari has taken has been too easy. gallente are too small. caldari are too big. and determined." Hassain also has doubts about the militia fighting back: "I really dont know, the militia does [fight] and its willing to take on poor odds in battle."

Records support Stonercoco's views about the disparity in membership levels; the number of registered pilots in the Caldari militia being almost double that of the Gallente. Despite the disparity, Gallente forces still manage to outpace the number of ships destroyed per pilot than their counterparts. Unfortunately, failure to defend strategic assets in favor of kill tallies has led to this major defeat.

Only time can tell if they can regain any of their lost ground. Interstellar Correspondents will continue to monitor the situation.

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