Triumvirate fights for moons in Pure Blind

GA-P6C, Pure Blind - Triumvirate. successfully unleashed doomsday fire on over 100 hostile battleships last Monday. The usage of two Titans turned the tide for the combined force of Mostly Harmless and Tau Ceti Federation.

According to iNZi of Triumvirate., the battle commenced after approximately 100 hostile capitals started to reinforce two Triumvirate. moon-mining towers in GA-P6C. Triumvirate. immediately called in their own capital fleet to counter-attack.

The GA-P6C solar system contains two high-end moons - one dysprosium and one promethium, both of which can guarantee a steady income of ISK to their owner. Many of the moons in Pure Blind became unclaimed after a large amount of pilots left the Imperial Republic Of the North [IRON] earlier this month.

A source within Tau Ceti Federation explained that, finding themselves outnumbered by Triumvirate., their fleet withdrew, but when the Triumvirate. capital forces began attacking a Northern Coalition control tower, they reshipped into sniper battleships and returned.

Mostly Harmless and Tau Ceti Federation deployed warp disruption fields and tackled most of the hostile capitals on the field, picking off five dreadnaughts and one carrier with long-range fire in the hour-long battle that ensued.

The segregated positions of the two fleet presented an opportunity, and Triumvirate. deployed highly-mobile interdictors to tackle the enemy fleet with warp disruption probes, then warped in an Avatar and a Leviathan which doomsdayed the battleships, killing over 100 in twin-waves of destructive force. The final numbers for the fight show approximately 250 kills for the Triumvirate. alliance, and nearly 50 kills made by Mostly Harmless and Tau Ceti Federation.

While Triumvirate. inflicted heavier casualties in financial terms in Monday's fight, a source in Tau Ceti Federation says that they are determined to capture all the high end moons Triumvirate. claimed after IRON's decline last month, a comment showed true as Mostly Harmless today seized sovereignty of the system from Triumvirate.

Meanwhile, battles contiunue to flare up between the two sides all across Pure Blind. The Interstellar Correspondents will stay with this story and bring you updates as they arise.

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