Atlas And Allies Continue Advance Into Red Alliance Space

Insmother, 5C-RPA - Red Alliance's [RA] sovereign space has come under fire on several fronts. Capsuleers from Atlas, Veritas Immortalis, Cult of War, Aggression and Sc0rched Earth are now pushing inside southern Insmother while Ethereal Dawn and Intreprid Crossing are applying pressure from the north and the west. The 5C-RPA system in Insmother has already fallen under Atlas control, while fighting in Etherium Reach appears to be localized around RV-GA8, TP-RTO and surrounding systems.

BAPP of Red Alliance explained "We have from 500 [to] 800 enemies in our systems in three different regions reinforcing our [starbases] every night ... [the] war will end in maybe two weeks if our enemies [keep pushing like this]".

Czech Lion of Ethereal Dawn, believs Red Alliance may possibly retreat from Insmother and Scalding Pass to better reinforce their strongholds in Etherium Reach. "The R-6 constellation is ironically the best defended in RA space [at the moment] as they launched about 60+ large towers [there]. In order to do that, they stripped many towers in Insmother and Scalding Pass... This is a multifront war. Even if we cannot make progress in [Etherium Reach], our actions [will] help others to take more space from the south or west".

Despite the difficult situation, morale among Red Alliance pilots seems to be high. BAPP explained that capsuleers have already moved their valuable assets to safety and are enjoying combat. DeTox MinRohim of The Initiative Alliance expressed the opinion that Red Alliance pilots were fielding a strong defence. "They spent the weekend jumping around like crazy between the three fronts ... [starbases were] put in reinforced, [repaired], saved..."

The political and tactical situations in Insmother are intricate, but Atlas capsuleers remain confident of a successful outcome for their campaign. When asked what such an outcome might be, however, Perman of Atlas was laconic: "[Our] final target is classified."

The Interstellar Correspondents will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as the situation changes.

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