The Initiative. Resumes Hostilities in Etherium Reach

Etherium Reach - The Initiative [INIT.] which had previously withdrawn from the drone regions conflict has re-entered the fray, sending roaming fleets to engage targets of opportunity amongst the Ethereal Crossing Coalition (Ethereal Dawn [ED] and Intrepid Crossing [IRC]).

Having initially withdrawn for strategic reasons after SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] began engaging INIT. and Majesta Empire [ME] forces in DYPL-6, The Initiative. is now fully re-engaged in the fighting. However, INIT. is refraining from deploying any towers in the Etherium Reach Region, preferring to engage in ship to ship combat, as opposed to claiming space. Hasan Rachid of Mad hatters Inc. [MADH] stated, "at this time we are acting alongside Red Alliance [RED], there is no need for us to anchor towers beyond the occasional staging tower."

With regards to the motivations behind INIT.'s current aggressive stance towards the Coalition, Hasan states that " Northern Coalition and [GoonSwarm] wanted pressure on IRC/ED to stop invading RED space in Insmother. We are providing that." Hasan further added that, "We have no real political agenda, although we are aligned with the Northern Coaltion."

Asked about whether or not the rumor is true that INIT. is using this conflict as a covert means of securing a beachhead for a future invasion of SOLAR space, Hasan responded with a firm "No."

Since resuming hostilities Hasan states that his alliance has been engaging "more IRC forces than ED" and claims that INIT. "probably has a 5:1 kill/death ratio" against the so-called Ethereal Crossing Coalition (INIT. killboard shows 88.28% and 50.18% efficiency against IRC and ED respectively), adding further "more importantly we're getting good fights."

A representative from IRC could not be contacted before the article went to print.

Battle Reports:

The Initiative Campaign Record
Intrepid Crossing Campaign Record

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