EBank CEO Removed In Bid To Preserve Public Confidence

Jel - In a stunning move the board of EBank has announced the immediate removal of their current CEO, EBANK Ricdic. In a statement released not long ago they revealed he was being removed "for misconduct that can damage public confidence in EBANK".

EBANK RicdicThe decision was reached after an "impromptu meeting" by the board, at which EBANK Athre was promoted to fill in as CEO on an interim basis until a more permanent solution could be agreed. This process was part of a contingency plan that had previously been devised, and now implemented.

Meanwhile, EBANK customers cannot currently deposit new funds, a situation which apparently is set to continue for up to a week while the enterprise reorganises. Access to accounts remains, however, in all other regards.

Aelisha, a customer of EBANK, had been expecting Ricdic's departure and was concerned how the information had leaked out: "It's the fact that either a leak or a premeditated 'easing the transit' rumour got out from EBANK and it just seems a little unprofessional - when you're trusting people with money, trust is a big issue." When asked if she still feels safe leaving her ISK with EBANK, she commented "I do not at the moment, but I also have faint hopes that it will see a shake up and the return of higher interest accounts to stimulate existing customers."

Ji Sama of Sex Drugs And Rock'N'Roll, however, continues to have faith in the organization: "Thank you EBANK, you still have my trust... Athre is upstanding and would never steal from anyone."

The bank still continues to honour all withdrawals against monies they received prior to Ricdic's misconduct.

The Interstellar Correspondents will bring you further updates from EBANK as they become available.

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Official EBANK Statement

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