War for the North Continues as Reinforcements Join Both Sides

Northern New Eden - Forces on both sides of the Triumvirate [TRI] and NC conflict have recently expanded their ranks with fresh alliances eager to join the quickly escalating war.

Red.Overlord [R.O.L], Ev0ke [EV0KE], and Huzzah Federation [HF] have aligned with [TRI] while NC member Mostly Harmless [-42-] recently absorbed into their ranks long time ally Avarice [FAIL] along with several hundred members from Dara Cothrom [DACO]. Both [FAIL] and [DACO] were major space-holders in the Cloud Ring region resulting in [-42-] becoming Cloud Ring's primary landlord seemingly overnight.

In total, these additions add nearly 750 pilot's to [-42-]'s ranks and over 1,800 combatants to the anti-NC forces.

During a recent sit-down with Darknesss of [TRI] he indicated that the new additions are only a temporary measure "to help deal damage to a common enemy. It's simply a case of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.'"

Engagement Recap

Much has happened since WTF ([WN], [TRI], and friends) garnered the attention of the universe by destroying five RAZOR motherships in Branch. A week later the war began in ernest when over 1,000 NC and WTF pilots engaged in E-7U8U, Venal - a battle marked by extensive spatial disturbances and over 115 capital losses (weighing significantly in NC's favour).

Three weeks later the conflict once again flared following several weeks of lessened activity due to Morsus Mihi's [RAWR] successful recapture of the 25 high value moons taken by WTF. The renewed fighting was attributed to an [EV0KE] and [HF] joint assault on [-42-] systems in Cloud Ring centering around 9-4RP2.

On May 27th, WTF, [EV0KE], and [HF] hotdropped on top of a [-42-] capital fleet as they were attacking an [EVOKE] tower in 9-4. Both fleets numbered between 100 and 150 pilots, however [-42-] was severely outgunned and lost 25 capitals while the WTF coalition suffered only 3-5 capital losses. [-42-] has since regrouped and removed all enemy towers from 9-4 resulting in reduced combat activities for the time being.

What Next?

The future of the north is still very much in the air as neither side has shown any signs of weakening. The NC's ability to replace capital losses has of course been no surprise, but WTF's equally impressive replenishment rate has left many scratching their heads.

"...people are speculating where we're getting our isk from," Darkness commented, "frankly, it doesn't matter. The fact is our capital fleet is now as big as it was before the E-7 Capital fight and we are eager to fight again."

[RAWR] CEO Vuk Lau claims to have a very good idea of where the ISK is coming from and indicated that this information was obtained from recent diplomatic conversations with [TRI].

In regards to the sustainability of defending the north while "purging" the south, Vuk Lau stated that while WTF is an "annoyance", it is no strain on [RAWR] to return and defend NC property. "Even easier then to travel two jumps," he states.

However, Vuk Lau hinted that [RAWR] are beginning to tire of the southern crusade against KenZoku [RKZ] and are continuing to keep their eyes on the north as the "hostile to NC" bloc expands.

"...as much as killing our arch-enemies formerly known as BoB is enjoyment, especially after Max, we are experiencing less and less resistance and [the] north will soon become fun place to be," Vuk Lau concluded.

As for WTF's future - Darknesss had this to say:

"Triumvirate aren't going anywhere, we will not disband like your leadership hopes. We are in your corporations, in your alliances and we will kill you however we can whenever we can no matter how long it takes."

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